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GE GTWN4950DWS Washing Machine

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Aug 10, 2012 (Updated Aug 10, 2012)
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  • User Rating: Disappointing

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Pros:Not a d*** thing.

Cons:The above rant is limited merely by my need to get back to sleep.

The Bottom Line: do not buy this

My family of six has had the stomach flu this week (fell like dominoes) and I have been trying to keep up with the dirty, awful clothes. I have had to wash loads twice to attempt to get the vomit smell out. Apparently two cycles plus a pre-wash isn't enough effort. My 20 month old has been crying for an hour and I finally realized that it was because her nightie (straight out of the dryer) still smelled like vomit and leaked pee from a diaper. My family is renting a house that had this washer (GE Infuse HE) when we moved in (brand new) and it has been a dismal failure for about 15 months. I have to run loads twice (small loads because water levels are so low that anything like a normal load comes out of the washer with the top half dry) and have resorted to the highest fragrance levels on the market PLUS the new smelly beads that are supposed to make your clothes smell better. Clothes still stink. I used to love folding clothes because of the smell that clean laundry usually has and haven't experienced it for so long now. I have two children under 4 and run the washer every day. I follow the directions about how to load a washer (which is annoying on the face of it--who needs specific instructions to load a washing machine??--it's not supposed to be rocket science) and end up doing many small loads. Forget about clean sheets (shudder) and don't get me started about the eight hour project of trying to wash a king sized comforter. . .wash/remove and re-position to get another portion wet/wash/re-position to get another portion wet/ad nauseum. My MIL is here to help with the enormity of six people with the stomach flu and dressed my baby tonight with the nightgown I retrieved from the dryer, so I didn't smell the nightie before I put her to bed. In the middle of the night, wondering what the problem was with a screaming baby and blearily wondering what the funky smell was, I figured out that the rank smell of her nightgown was making her crazy, so I stripped it off, went to her crib to make sure that it wasn't a post-wash problem (bed was dry and so was nightgown) and decided to tell someone how wretched this washer is. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE.

I am convinced that anyone who says the machine is not awful is receiving a kickback from GE.

I have also had massive problems with another stinky washer problem that smells like rot; a problem usually associated with FL washers that causes mildew (or something) to collect in the machine and make clothes smell so foul that words cannot describe the sensation of trying to dry your face with a towel that has the smell. It is revolting. I used two whole boxes of Tide washing maching cleaning packets (10 packets in all) as well as cleaning the machine with bleach and clothes still stink.

If there was a way for me to get rid of this machine (remember, I am a renter) I would, very happily. It is the lousiest machine I have ever had.  

I can't think of one kind thing to say other than I am happy to have this washer as opposed to scrubbing my clothes on a rock. Sort of.

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Amount Paid (US$): 500

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