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Gilmore Girls - The Complete Third Season (DVD, 2005, 6-Disc Set)

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You Ruined Creedence For Me!!! I'm Just Glad I Had All That Sex

Aug 19, 2008 (Updated Jul 17, 2009)
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Pros:Writing, Humor, Drama, Soundtrack, Stories, Direction, & Cast.

Cons:A Few Continuity Issues & Minor Stuff.

The Bottom Line: The Third Season of Gilmore Girls is a Thrilling, Enjoyable & Heartwarming Season led by Standout Performances from Graham, Bledel, Patterson, & Weil. (4.5 out of 5)

When Season 2 of Gilmore Girls ended, the season finale left both Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in new, strange circumstances in their lives. For Lorelai Gilmore, after breaking up her engagement with Max Medina earlier that season and starting to get back into a relationship with Rory's father Christopher Hayden. Christopher drops a bombshell when his girlfriend Sherry is pregnant leaving Lorelai disappointed once again. Rory meanwhile, becomes confused as she is still loyal to her boyfriend Dean Forrester but is falling for bad boy Jess Mariano.

Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the third season of Gilmore Girls explores Lorelai and Rory Gilmore dealing with new relationships and life-long ambitions. Amidst all of this, Rory figures out her relationship troubles with Dean and Jess along with her academic future while Lorelai tries dating again after her fall out with Christopher while mending fences with Luke over an incident that involved Jess and Rory. Around the same time, Lorelai and Sookie St. James tries to figure out how to forge ahead with their life-long dream to open their own inn while Luke Danes finds himself in a business venture with Taylor Doose as he falls for Taylor's lawyer. Amidst all of this, Lane Kim gets her first real boyfriend, Kirk Gleason is up to his own shenanigans, Emily and Richard Gilmore deal with Richard's new business, and Paris Gellar becomes school president and has an emotional breakdown. Overall, the third season of Gilmore Girls is truly enjoyable and entertaining.

3.01-Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days-5/5

Written & Directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

In the aftermath of Christopher's announcement, Lorelai has a strange dream that involves Luke in the picture. Rory meanwhile, is in Washington, D.C. with Paris who manages to score a date with a college-bound student. Rory deals with her feelings for Jess until she makes a discovery upon her return home. Lorelai attends Friday Night Dinner where she tells her parents of Christopher's news leaving Lorelai in trouble over her issues with Christopher.

The episode opens with a bang when Lorelai has a strange dream in which she's married to Luke and in an early stage of pregnancy carrying twins. She calls Rory to analyze her dream as it revolves around Lorelai's possible feelings for Luke and her disappointment over Christopher. In Washington, Rory is with Paris who finds herself getting a date with a Princeton hopeful named Jamie as she is nervous about the possibilities of dating. Rory however, is trying to deal with her confused feelings about Dean and Jess until she returns to Stars Hollow where she finds that Jess has other things on his mind. Yet, she and Lorelai have an argument during that moment as a local summer festival happens. Lorelai's day gets worse when she tells Emily and Richard about Christopher's news as Emily is upset while Richard believes that Christopher is doing something that Lorelai didn't want to do with Christopher.

The episode overall is great as its filled with wonderful humor that involves subplots of Sookie trying to remake her home to fit in with Jackson's personality while Kirk tries to sell a natural skin-care product to Lorelai and Michel. Yet, the funniest moment of the show is Paris' anxieties over dating as she goes on a date with Jamie. The show is balanced by Rory's confusions over her feelings for both Dean and Jess and Lorelai dealing with Christopher's news as she turns to the one person who is always there for her.

3.02-Haunted Leg-5/5

Directed by Chris Long. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Lorelai's dating life gets worse when Kirk asks her out on a date after being encouraged by Luke. A lunch date with Emily ends badly for Lorelai while Rory deals with Jess' new girlfriend. Rory and Paris take over the student body as Rory finds herself targeted by Francie Jarvis. During a Friday Night Dinner, Christopher shows up unexpectedly to try and smooth things over with Lorelai and Rory, both of whom are extremely upset with him.

Kirk makes an appearance to the Independence Inn as he asks Lorelai out on a date. Lorelai is in shock as she later learns that Luke, for his own amusement, encouraged Kirk to ask her out. With Rory and Paris leading the student body, Lorelai and Emily attend the school conference as Rory and Paris hopes to lead the student body. Yet, Francie Jarvis decides to make an attempt to oust Paris by targeting Rory in hoping to manipulate Paris. A lunch meeting at Luke's between Lorelai and Emily turns into a disaster after Emily reveals that she called Christopher. Lorelai is upset as things turn worse on Friday Night Dinner where Christopher unexpectedly shows up angering both Lorelai and Rory as Emily realizes how upset they are. Things get worse when Rory bumps into Jess at Doose's market and he gets angry over why he never contacted her when she was away at Washington D.C.

The mix of humor and drama is wonderfully balanced with the storylines of Kirk wanting to date Lorelai while Rory's confusion over her feelings for Jess intensifies when she doesn't have an answer over his relationship with Shane. Yet, the dramatic portion involves Emily trying to get involved with Lorelai's love life by trying to get Christopher back. Yet, when he makes an unexpected appearance at Friday Night Dinner, Lorelai is angry over his situation while Rory is angry because she felt he broke the promise he made at Sookie's wedding. Finally, it was Emily that asked Christopher to leave realizing how hurt her daughter and granddaughter are. It's a great episode that includes a continuing subplot where Francie tries to take over the student body government by trying to get Rory to manipulate Paris.

3.03-Application Anxiety-5/5

Directed by Gail Mancuso. Written by Daniel Palladino

Rory's Harvard application arrives as she finds herself overwhelmed along with Lorelai, Emily, and Paris after a college seminar in Chilton. Rory and Lorelai decide to meet with an alumni for suggestions about their application while Rory tries to figure out how Dean will play in her college-bound future. Luke meanwhile, deals with a new business plan that Taylor wants to do in the building next door that Luke owns. Lane places an ad for a band that she wants to form as she finds her musical soulmate in Dave Rygalski.

Rory's Harvard application arrives as she and Lorelai try to figure out how to answer the application. When Rory and Paris held a college seminar with admissions administrator, their anxieties get them overwhelmed as both ladies believe they won't make it to Harvard. Emily learns that Rory's chances are also slim no matter how good her grades are. After a phone conversation with Headmaster Charleston, Lorelai learns that the best chance about filling the application is to get advice from an alumni. Lorelai and Rory meet Darren Springsteen (Granville Van Dusen) for advice as they got a glimpse of his straight-laced family and an eccentric daughter (Tinsley Grimes) who has no desire to go to Harvard.

The episode overall is one of the funniest as Lorelai and Rory face anxiety over the Harvard application as they turn to an alumni for help. Things go well until they meet his strange family. Though Lorelai and Rory went through a weird experience, the meeting at least made them less anxiety until Rory later meets Dean after a town meeting about their future. The episode also includes great subplots where Lane meets her musical soulmate named Dave Rygalski through an ad she placed. The funniest subplot also involves Luke fighting Taylor over Taylor's desire to run an old fashioned soda shop that became an issue for a town meeting.

3.04-One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes-5/5

Directed by Steve Robman. Written by Daniel Palladino

Lorelai and Luke are ask by the local high school about their local business success that later leads into some personal questions about Lorelai's own personal life. Tired of her restricted household, Lane attempts to rebel by dying her hair purple with Rory's help. Yet, Rory meets Jess' new girlfriend Shane while Jess tries to figure out his love life.

Now part of a band, Lane finally gets a chance to rehearse yet she and the band have a hard time trying to play as loud as they can in Stars Hollow. Particularly with Mrs. Kim lurking around as Lane decides to rebel after being pummeled with college applications to religious schools. Rory, reluctantly, helps out as she is forced to meet face-to-face with Jess' new girlfriend Shane. Lorelai meanwhile, is asked by a local mother to attend a seminar for local business success at Stars Hollow High. Lorelai takes in a reluctant Luke to join her as she ends up being pummeled by questions about her experience as a pregnant teen years ago. The result becomes embarrassing where she is confronted by a group of mothers in Stars Hollow while Luke confronts Jess about his relationship with Shane leading to Jess' anger about his contempt for women.

The episode is truly one of the funniest with the plot of Lane's attempt to rebel by dying her hair purple. Yet, there’s a scene where Lorelai is at the school and in the background, a shot of Lane running around after her hair has been bleached. The hilarity would ensue even more when Lorelai catches a shot of a young Luke, with a crew cut, as he's was once known as "Butch" and part of the track team. Another funny moment is Rory’s jealousy towards Shane over Jess as she confronts her at a makeup store. Lorelai ends up having her own funny confrontation by a group of mothers, all with the same hairstyle as Lorelai mentioned. Yet, the most dramatic confrontation is Luke and Jess as Luke wonders why Jess is out with Shane as Jess says he's doing what he wants instead of what Luke is doing about waiting for Lorelai.

3.05-Eight O'Clock at the Oasis-4.5/5

Directed by Joe Ann Fogle. Written by Justin Tanner

Lorelai attends a society auction with Emily and Michel where she meets a man at the auction. Forgetting to ask his number, Lorelai turns to Emily where things don’t go well on the first date. A new neighbor has moved next to Lorelai and Rory as he asks to help them with his water sprinklers. Things however, don’t go well for Rory until Jess comes to the rescue.

Emily is hosting an auction as she invites Lorelai, who reluctantly accepts as she also takes in an excited Michel. Lorelai meets a man named Peyton Sanders (Jon Hamm) who asks her out on a date. Without his number, Lorelai reluctantly turns to Emily who gives her the number. The date however, doesn't go well as Lorelai decides not to attend a David Bowie concert with Peyton leading Emily to be upset, especially when it involves society seats that she needed. Lorelai meanwhile, is asked by a neighbor (Jason Kravits) to water his garden while he’s out on business. Rory takes over but things go haywire as she suddenly turns to Jess who helps her.

The episode is more light-hearted than previous though a funny moment involves Michel begging Lorelai to attend the auction along with an opening scene at Luke’s where a woman is breast feeding making Jess disgusted to Luke's amusement. Another funny moment involves a neighbor's lawn and his strange house that leads to a moment between Rory and Jess, who helps her as Rory is struggling to contend with her feelings for Jess. Lorelai meanwhile, goes on a date that doesn't go well as she realizes she has to do something for her mother, despite her own pride that shows the tense yet caring relationship between the two.

3.06-Take the Deviled Eggs...-5/5

Directed by Jamie Babbit. Written by Daniel Palladino.

Rory reluctantly decides to attend Sherry's baby shower as Lorelai chaperones until she finds herself at the party. Jess gets a new car as Luke begins to question on how he got it while an eccentric local tries to make a demonstration in front of the town.

Rory receives an invitation from Sherry to attend a baby shower as Rory reveals to Lorelai that she has been contacting Christopher. Rory decides to attend the shower with Lorelai chaperoning only to have Sherry see her. Lorelai reluctantly attends the party to learn about Christopher's new life and Sherry's friends. Things get worse through strange activities and a conversation about Christopher's role leading Lorelai to be very upset and Rory admitting to Lorelai in not having a good time. Luke meanwhile tries to figure out where Jess got his new car as he learns about a new job he has. Upon returning home, Lorelai and Rory decide to take all their frustrations out on Jess' new car.

An overall funny episode that deals with Lorelai and Rory dealing with awkwardness of Sherry and her friends while Lorelai is forced to listen about Christopher's new life that is too much for her to handle. Even when the name of the baby is revealed. The episode has a great subplot about Jess' car as Luke tries to figure out how he got it while Lane and Rory are upset that Jess had a car as Lane is still upset over the accident between Jess and Rory. Another funny subplot involving a local eccentric making an attempted protest is funny with two recurring locals in the town's Reverend Archie Skinner and Rabbi David Barans making their first appearances annoying Taylor. Yet, the episode also includes an appearance from actor Ken Davitian of Borat fame as Miss Patty's date.

3.07-They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They-5/5

Directed by Kenny Ortega. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino

The Stars Hollow Dance Marathon is set to happen once again as Lorelai hopes to beat four-time champion Kirk. Unable to find a dance partner, Rory decides to be her partner with Dean watching from the sidelines. Also watching is Jess and Shane leading to Rory's confusion where something happens.

Lorelai is determined to win the Stars Hollow Dance Marathon as she hopes to beat four-time champ Kirk. Yet, with her original partner unable to dance with her, she turns to Rory for help. Rory is unsure due to a project with Paris, Madeline, & Louise but when Jamie shows up at Chilton to meet Paris. Paris, the next day, shows up late from class and decides to reschedule. With Rory now Lorelai's partner, the marathon starts with Dean supporting but Jess and Shane show up and Rory is uncomfortable. With the marathon continuing, drama unfolds as Sookie and Jackson has a tiff, Dave visits Lane and meets her mother, and Lorelai's shoe breaks. Lorelai turns to Luke for help while Dean fills in but Rory's own love drama starts to collide as she and Jess exchange words leading Dean to make an unexpected move.

Inspired by Sydney Pollock's 1969 film They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, the episode is brilliant for the entire dance marathon as the locals of Stars Hollow wear 1940s clothing and dance to big-band music. Yet, it should be noted that the episode is directed by Kenny Ortega, who is known for his work on the High School Musical films as well as the 1992 cult film Newsies with a young Christian Bale, as his stamp on the entire dance marathon. The episode is also known for great humor that included a subplot where Paris gets an unexpected visit from Jamie and falls for him. Yet, with one relationship starting to bloom, another starts to fall apart as it ends sadly while something funny happens at the same time which is due to the brilliant writing of Amy Sherman-Palladino.

3.08-Let the Games Begin-5/5

Directed by Steve Robman. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Rory and Jess are now together as Luke lays ground rules for Jess on dating Rory. Richard invites Lorelai and Rory to attend a reunion at Yale with Emily where Richard gives the girls a tour of his old college where things go fine until Richard lays a surprise on all three women.

Richard has a reunion party in Yale and decides to invite Lorelai and Rory to the event with Emily. Lorelai, reluctantly decides to go on the trip to Yale as Richard and Emily reminisce the moment they met and such while Richard speaks fondly of his days in Yale. Things go well until Richard takes the family to the administration office where had set up a meeting between the Dean of Admissions and Rory. Lorelai and Emily are both upset that Richard set this up with Lorelai even more upset over the fact that her father is doing this when they all know that Rory wants to go to Harvard. When Rory finishes her meeting, it went well though she ends up being upset at Richard because she felt unprepared.

The episode is great for the complexity of the Gilmore family and their relationship. Though audiences get a chance to know about the history of Emily and Richard, Richard’s intentions, though is meant to be good, ends up not faring well. Another main plot in the episode involves Rory and Jess' burgeoning relationship as Luke lays down the law on Jess on what to do with Rory. Yet, Luke is still clueless on how the two find the time to get together. Though Rory is happy to be with Jess, she still carries the guilt over the way she treated Dean as she tried to apologize to him. In one minor moment of humor, Kirk’s dance marathon trophy was stolen, again.

3.09-A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving-5/5

Directed by Kenny Ortega. Written by Daniel Palladino

It's Thanksgiving as Lorelai and Rory decide to attend not one but four different Thanksgiving dinners. One at Mrs. Kim's home with tofu-turkey, a deep-fried one at Sookie and Jackson's place, at Luke's, and at the Gilmore estate with some guests. Kirk meanwhile, gets a cat while Dean faces off with Jess as he declares war.

Thanksgiving is coming as Lorelai and Rory have plans to attend three different Thanksgiving dinners. One at Mrs. Kim's home with tofu-turkey being served and Dave playing music. Another at Sookie's place and at Luke's. Yet, when Emily makes a visit to the inn and invites Lorelai and Rory for Thanksgiving despite Lorelai's anger at her father over what happened at Yale weeks before. Lorelai reluctantly agrees as the girls end up going through four Thanksgiving dinner. Mrs. Kim's with vegetarian food seems to go well, especially with Dave pretending to be a Christian-rock guitarist that ends greatly with Lane getting her first real kiss. At Sookie's place, Sookie is upset that Jackson is cooking the turkey in a deep-fried style with his friends hanging around. At Luke's, things are much better despite the fact that both Rory and Jess are trying to keep their relationship as private as they could.

At the Gilmores estate, Lorelai and Rory eat with guests including a French couple. It starts off nicely as usual and then in traditional Gilmore land, a meltdown of sorts happens when Rory reveals that she's applying to other schools during a conversation with one of the guests. The episode is another defining episode that involves the show's quirkiness that includes a funny subplot involving Kirk and a cat he bought named Kirk. Yet, the episode also includes a moment between Jess and Dean where Dean has declared war on Jess over Rory leaving Jess speechless. The episode features a guest appearance from 1980s rock singer Michael des Barres, who is the former husband of notorious rock groupie and best-selling novelist Pamela des Barres.

3.10-That'll Do Pig-5/5

Directed by Jamie Babbit. Written by Sheila R. Lawrence

Paris is in love with Jamie as Francie tries to take over the student council until Rory steps in to declare war on Francie. The Gilmores celebrate Richard's 60th birthday until a surprise visit from his mother (Marion Ross) arrives leaving Emily into a frenzy. Rory tries to mend fences with Dean who asks her to attend the Winter Carnival until Jess, finally steps in to be with Rory.

It's the annual Winter Carnival at Stars Hollow as everyone excited except Jess since he isn't sure if he wants to go with Rory. Yet, Rory keeps bumping into Dean as the two try to mend fences. In Chilton, with Paris completely distracted by her flourishing relationship with Jamie, Francie tries to take control over the student council. Yet, Rory as vice-president, holds the fort while having a private discussion with Francie as she declares war to maintain order. With the Gilmores having a celebration for Richard's birthday, Richard's mother Trix makes a surprise appearance as Emily is unhinged and things get worse at a dinner at the Independence Inn the night after as Trix makes some announcements. For Emily, the announcement is her worst nightmare.

When Rory sees Dean with his little sister Clara (Scout Taylor-Compton), Jess reluctantly decides to be with Rory at the Carnival as he has to endure Clara. Jess tries to maintain his control as he later confronts Dean in realizing what he's trying to do. The episode overall is one of the funniest with Jess having some great one-liners on how to deal with Clara while Emily's reactions to Trix's arrival and plans is even funnier proving that when it comes to subtle humor. The show is a master at subtle humor.

3.11-I Solemnly Swear-5/5

Directed by Carla McCloskey. Written by John Stephens

Lorelai and Sookie attend a seminar on inn businesses where they meet an old friend of Sookie's and his business partner Alex whom Lorelai is smitten by. When Lorelai is ask for a deposition about a wrongful termination suit by a former maid against Emily, things don't go well. After some conflict between Rory and Francie at the student council, Francie tries to mend fences only to play a trick on Paris to fall for as she becomes extremely upset at Rory with an emotional comment that shocked Rory.

When Emily is sued for wrongful termination by a former maid, she asks Lorelai for a deposition where things don’t go well due to Lorelai's lack of seriousness and humor. Lorelai also decides to attend a seminar on inn businesses with Sookie that also don't fare well due to the boredom of the seminar. Yet, Sookie runs into an old friend (Joe Fria) who is attending another seminar with a friend named Alex. Lorelai is attracted to the coffee lover as the dating game for Lorelai is opened again. Sookie however, realizes that Joe wants to date her but she's married to Jackson that leads a comical moment about her meeting with Joe and Jackson's response.

Rory meanwhile, continues her conflict with Francie until Francie asks for a truce in a secret meeting. Yet, the truce turned out to be a set-up as Francie shows pictures to Paris as Paris becomes very angry with Rory during a fencing lesson. What is more shocking is what Paris says to Rory leaving Rory shocked. The episode is a wonderful mix of humor due to Lorelai and Sookie attending the meeting that included a guest appearance from Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame. Yet, the episode also has a dramatic moment when audiences get to see Paris, for the first time, in a near-vulnerable state.

3.12-Lorelai Out of Water-5/5

Directed by Jamie Babbit. Written by Janet Leahy

Lorelai's dates with Alex goes well as he asks her if she would go fishing with him where Luke teaches Lorelai the fine art of fishing through unconventional means. Luke meanwhile, deals with the construction of Taylor's new soda shop next door as he meets Taylor's attorney who takes a shine towards Luke. Paris starts a one-sided war on Rory as their conflict finally comes to the attention of Headmaster Charleston.

Lorelai gets back in the dating game as she starts dating Alex where things go well until he asks her if she'll go fishing with him. Lorelai turns to Luke on learning how to fish through unconventional methods that surprises Lorelai. Yet, when Luke learns why Lorelai learns to fish because of a date. It's another missed opportunity for Luke, who had pined for Lorelai, where he makes an unexpected move in asking Taylor's attorney named Nicole on a date, whom he met a few days ago. Paris meanwhile, goes on the warpath as she tries to get Rory impeached from the student council leading the two an argument. Finally, Headmaster Charleston steps in to confront the two over their argument as he makes a threat to their future if they don't stop fighting. Lane meanwhile, makes plans to have Dave as his date for the prom. Things start out fine during a cousin's wedding until Mrs. Kim sets Lane up with a young Korean named Young Chui.

An episode that's known for its sense of humor and hijinks. The episode sees Lorelai going back to the dating game that goes very well. Yet, for Luke, he responds by asking Taylor's lawyer Nicole Leahy on a date. The episode also has funny moments involving Rory and Paris' feud that featured some perspective from Madeline and Louise. Another funny moment involves Lorelai and Rory opening their garage for the first time in years to give Lane's band a place to rehearse where Lorelai flirts with Zach. Yet, as Lane's fortunes seems to rise, it goes down when Mrs. Kim sets her up with Young Chui.

3.13-Dear Emily and Richard-5/5

Directed by Gail Mancuso. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino

With Sherry going into labor, Rory reluctantly goes at her side while Lorelai reflects on the days of her pregnancy with Rory eighteen years ago. Luke starts to date Nicole that goes well despite Lorelai teasing Luke about it. Jess and Dean’s war continues as Dean helps Taylor and Tom with the construction of Taylor's new shop.

With Lorelai and Rory preparing for their European back-packing trip, they receive a party to attend the birth of Chris and Sherry's new baby Georgia aka Gigi. Lorelai reflects on her experience on the period of her pregnancy when she was 16 (Chelsea Brummet) and her life with Christopher (Phillp Van Dyke). When Rory is called by one of Sherry's colleague that Sherry is in labor, Rory reluctantly attends as she later call Lorelai for help. Christopher finally shows up as Gigi is born. Amidst all of this, Lorelai helps Emily deal with her alone time when Richard is out of town for work while Luke starts to date Nicole much to Lorelai's amusement.

The episode is great on revealing Lorelai's experience when she was 16 and experience her own pregnancy. Information is revealed that Christopher's parents (Peter Michael Goetz and Cristine Rose) didn't want anything to do with Rory from the beginning while Richard suggests that Christopher will live at the Gilmores home and get a job working for Richard. The episode also has moments of brief conflict as Rory and Paris' one-sided feud is still going yet quietly while Jess and Dean have their own tiff when Dean is working for Taylor and Tom in construction for Taylor's soda shop. The present scenes are shown in the show's usual colorful, cinematography style while the flashback scenes are more tinted to emphasize the time. Notably the final scene where Emily gets Lorelai's letter as she and Rory ran away those years ago.

3.14-Swan Song-5/5

Directed by Chris Long. Written by Daniel Palladino.

Emily requests Rory to bring Jess to Friday Night Dinner that becomes a disaster when Jess arrives with a black eye refusing to talk about how he got it. Jess and Rory later have an argument that's settled by Luke, who learns how Jess got the black eye. Lorelai and Alex goes on a double date with Jackson and Sookie in New York City while Lane and Dave try to hide their relationship from bandmates Brian and Zach.

When Emily asks Rory about her love life during Friday Night Dinner, Rory reveals that she's no longer with Dean and is now with Jess. With Emily requesting to meet Jess, Rory reluctantly agrees to the invitation as Jess reluctantly attend the dinner. Yet, with Lorelai out to New York City with Alex on a double-date with Jackson and Sookie, the Friday Night Dinner becomes an absolute disaster when Jess arrives with a black eye. Rory is convinced that Jess got into a fight with Dean over a previous event that Rory and Dean had attended days earlier. The night ended with Jess leaving after their argument while Lorelai's double-date with Alex, Jackson, and Sookie went very well.

Emily's reaction to Jess to Lorelai was everything Lorelai expected. Luke finally steps in where Jess revealed that he got a black eye from a swan. For Jess, he's embarrassed as only he and Luke know what really happened as Jess told Rory that he got hit with a football. It's a funny, sweet episode that includes a subplot about Lane and Dave's relationship where Dave and bandmates are seen by Mrs. Kim where Dave claims they're members of a Christian rock band.


Directed by Kenny Ortega. Written by John Stephens

Taylor's family arrives for a family reunion and a hockey game with hopes of Stars Hollow reaching the regional semi-finals. Rory attends with Lane and Dave as they hope to take their relationship further though Mrs. Kim has Lane dating Young Chui. With Jess not around at the game, Rory learns that Dean has a new girlfriend named Lindsay. Emily meanwhile, discovers something about the visiting Trix as she hopes to hold it against Trix.

Stars Hollow's hockey team is about to reach the regional semi-finals for the first time in several years as Taylor's family arrives to see the event. Rory decides to go but Jess isn't sure since he's been working a lot at Wal-Mart as their relationship is hitting serious bumps. Rory decides to go with Lane and Young Chui as Rory learns that Dean has a new girlfriend named Lindsay. Dave meanwhile, gets a gig playing Christian music with Zach and Brian as he and Lane try to figure out how to date without Mrs. Kim knowing. Lorelai finally confronts Jess over his lack of social time with Rory as she forces him to spend more time with Rory.

Lorelai meanwhile, helps Emily deal with the things Trix needs as she's staying at the Gilmore estate. When Emily sees Trix kissing another man, she decides to expose it to Richard as revenge for all of the criticisms she received from Trix. The episode is a funny one concerning Emily's own dealings with Trix and everything else until she finds something to hold Trix against. Yet, the episode also reveals the problems in Rory and Jess' relationship due to Jess' inability to socialize leading to Lorelai finally confronting about him leaving Rory alone all the time when she's always waiting.

3.16-The Big One-5/5

Directed by Jamie Babbit. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Sookie and Jackson reveal life-changing news to Lorelai while running into former flame Max Medina as old feelings start to resurface. When Rory and Paris are ask to present a big speech to celebrate Chilton's bicentennial in front of national television, the two make up when Paris reveals to Rory that she lost her virginity to Jamie. On the night of the presentation, a disheveled Paris arrives leading to a huge breakdown on TV as Rory awaits the results of what schools she'll be going.

Chilton's bicentennial is coming as alumni and past teachers are attending to celebrate yet as Rory await for her acceptance letters from Harvard and other schools. She reluctantly signs up to do a speech for Chilton's bicentennial that will be broadcast on C-SPAN after being coaxed by Paris who signs up as well. Yet, when Rory and Paris learn that both speeches won, the two make up to collaborate where Paris revealed that she lost her virginity to Jamie. Lorelai overhears the conversation as she learns to her relief that Rory is still a virgin. Yet on the night of the bicentennial celebration, Paris arrives late as Rory tries to find her but once she arrives. She is disheveled as she has a breakdown in front of everyone as Rory tries to comfort her.

The episode is a wonderful mix of humor and drama. The humor coming from a subplot where Sookie learns some life-changing experience that worries Jackson while Luke makes changes to his menu that saddens Lorelai, Rory, and Lane. Another story involves Lorelai bumping into Max at a pharmacy as he reveals what he's been up to. Yet at the bicentennial, it's clear that they're not over each other. While the funny moments and Max subplots are great. It's the drama over what happens to Paris that really holds it together as it's clear that despite her competitive, driven, and sometimes, mean attitude, Paris Gellar is also extremely vulnerable and fragile as she has found a true friend in Rory.

3.17-A Tale of Poes & Fire-5/5

Directed by Chris Long. Written by Daniel Palladino

A festival to celebrate the works of Edgar Allen Poe goes well until a fire at the Independence Inn occurs. With guests sleeping at local houses and Sookie cooking at Luke’s despite his reservations. Rory ponders on what school she has to attend while visiting an already wallowing Paris. Lorelai and Rory meanwhile, begin to get unfriendly vibes from both Nicole and Lindsay, respectively while Luke learns about Jess' job and life at school.

A visit from a group of people celebrating the work of Edgar Allen Poe arrives as Rory and Lorelai watch the Poe society do interpretations of The Raven. Yet, the Girls both receive bad looks from both Lindsay and Nicole. The Girls also deal with which school Rory should attend: Yale, Princeton, or Harvard. Rory turns to her pro-con list to figure though everyone believes that Rory would go to Harvard, that she always dreamed of going. Yet, new drama emerges when a fire at the Independence Inn has occurred forcing the guests to live in several homes of the locals. Luke learns that Jess is working at Wal-Mart more than going to school leaving Luke to speculate on what Jess is doing.

The episode is a humorous one which includes several funny subplots. Lane learning that Young Chui is in love with her, Paris wallowing about her rejection from Harvard as she reveals about her failure during an interview, and Kirk selling t-shirts about the day's news. The episode also reveals a moment where Lorelai spends the night at Luke's apartment as she learns a secret about the Danes men while revealing to Luke about a dream she had about him. The ending is a mixture of where the Girls' destinies lie. For Rory, the choice of what school she goes to is revealed but the ending also includes a death that changes Lorelai's own future.

3.18-Happy Birthday, Baby-5/5

Directed by Gail Mancuso. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino

With the Independence Inn's future in question, Lorelai and Sookie decide to move forward with plans to open their own inn. With Lorelai's 35th birthday coming, Rory hopes to create a super-large pizza for her mother with help from the locals. When Richard decides to give Lorelai $75,000 for her birthday, Lorelai makes a shocking move on what she does with the money. Luke meanwhile, tries to confront Jess about school only to later go into a rant during a lunch meeting with Nicole's parents.

Lorelai's birthday is coming as Rory is hoping to create a surprise present in creating a super-large pizza with help from the local pizzeria and other locals. Yet, Lorelai is trying to figure out how to keep the Independence Inn going with help from Sookie, Michel, and night manager Tobin (Bruce McCullough) whom Michel despises. Lorelai gets a call from Richard who offers her $75,000 for her birthday. Luke does his usual birthday present for Lorelai by fixing parts of her house as he reveals to Lorelai that Jess is skipping school for more work at Wal-Mart. Luke later confronts Jess about what he's doing where he goes on an embarrassing rant during a lunch with Nicole and her parents. Then at Lorelai's birthday party at the Gilmores estate, Lorelai makes a move with the money that upsets Emily and Rory.

The episode is a funny and dramatic one where the humor involves the creation of the super-large pizza that Rory wants to surprise Lorelai with that includes Kirk getting cheese burns. Another funny moment is Paris returning with a bandage on her nose due to Rory's suggestion to go out and not think about doing anything. Yet, the drama involves Jess skipping school and what Luke does to keep him in school. The biggest drama involves what Lorelai does with the money that shock the entire Gilmore family and would later question the stability of Lorelai's own relationship with her mother.

3.19-Keg! Max!-5/5

Directed by Chris Long. Written by Daniel Palladino

Lane's band makes their official debut at house party with Rory, Jess, Dean, and Lindsay attending. Lorelai meanwhile, attends a Booster club meeting where she meets Max again as the two deal with their relationship. With Luke helping out at the repairs for the Independence Inn, Lorelai offers Luke a room for the night which he spends with Nicole making Lorelai uneasy. Jess meanwhile, learns that he won't graduate as his inability to tell Rory leads to an argument and later, a brawl between him and Dean. At the house party, Lane deals with the presence of Young Chui leading her to get drunk while Michel gets a couple of chow puppies.

The episode is great for its two main storylines. Lorelai struggling to figure out her own relationships as she tries to resolve everything she did to Max while figuring where Alex fits into her world. Yet, she also becomes bothered by Luke spending time with Nicole. The episode is notable for being Max Medina's final appearance as the relationship between him and Lorelai ends for good leaving the two to different directions. Part of the scene during a booster club meeting includes a funny appearance from Paris that always lights up the scene.

The other story involves Jess' failing in school and his surly mood that truly affects his relationship with Rory. Yet, with Dean watching Rory distraught, Jess gets angry leading to a huge brawl between Dean and Jess. Amidst all of the drama, Dave tries to talk to Young Chui about Lane while everything goes to hell. There's also a moment where Lindsay reveals her musical tastes to Jess' amusement to display the show's love for indie music and mocking of mainstream music like Michelle Branch and Matchbox 20.

3.20-Say Goodnight, Gracie-5/5

Directed by Jamie Babbit. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino & Janet Leahy

In the aftermath of the house party, Rory and Jess have a hard time talking to each other as she learns that Dean is engaged to Lindsay. Fran Weston dies as Lorelai and Sookie decide to make a move to buy her old Dragonfly Inn. Luke hears about the brawl Jess had with Dean as he confronts his nephew yet things get worse when Jess' father Jimmy Mariano makes a visit making Luke extremely upset. Embarrassed by what happened at the party, Lane is having trouble about wanting to go to prom until Dave makes a declaration to Mrs. Kim concerning Lane.

After Luke learns what Jess did at the party, he confronts Jess while learning that just leaving the diner is none other than Jimmy Mariano, Jess' father. Luke later finds Jimmy as he tells him to stay away from Jess. With Lane's plans for prom in trouble, Dave makes plans to win Mrs. Kim over so he can take Lane to prom as Mrs. Kim says a quote which Dave tries to figure out. Fran Weston suddenly passes away as a chance to obtain the Dragonfly Inn is open yet the funeral has bizarre moments due a malfunctioning microphone during the eulogy and a band interrupting. During the casket walk, Lorelai and Sookie talk to a lawyer as a chance to obtain the Inn. Rory learns from Dean that he’s getting married to Lindsay as Rory is surprised by the news. Yet, Dean says things about her relationship to Jess as it’s clearly on troubled grounds.

Dean's words end making Rory look at her relationship with Jess where she realized how troubled it, especially in what happened at the party as Lorelai tries to Rory deal with it. Yet, the night turns bitter when Jess confronts Luke about meeting Jimmy just after Jimmy had just came by to see Jess. Jess and Luke get into an argument as Luke gives Jess an ultimatum where Jess is stunned in what Luke does. The last scene has Rory and Jess meeting at a bus as it confirms Jess' lack of openness in the relationship. While the episode explores the future of Lorelai's own destination while a brief scene of her wanting to apologize to her mother. The episode is more about Jess and his flaws where it's clear that as far as being a boyfriend to Rory is concerned, it didn't go well and his rebelliousness that's triggered by his father's visit is suddenly taken a hit. The episode also introduces to a recurring character, though often mentioned throughout the show before and since in the episode is Caesar, Luke's cook at the diner.

3.21-Here Comes the Son-5/5

Written & Directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Jess arrives at Venice Beach, California to meet with his father as he arrives to a strange community that features his father's girlfriend Sasha (Sherilyn Fenn). Luke meanwhile, tells Lorelai that Jess has left as he doesn't have the heart to tell Rory. Rory meanwhile, deals with finals and graduation as Lorelai helps Paris out at a school function while dealing with her rift with Emily and not getting financial aid for Yale for Rory.

This complex yet worldly episode is very multi-layered as it revolves around many storylines. For Luke, he couldn't bear to tell Rory about Jess' departure since he cares more about Rory than anyone else. Luke tells Lorelai that he failed his nephew as Lorelai tries to comfort him that Luke isn't at fault. With Rory already stressed in dealing with finals and other graduation-related things. Lorelai helps Paris out at a school function as she talks to her about Paris' future in a sweet yet funny moment. Lorelai's relationship with Emily is still problematic as Rory tries to ease things. In California, Jess tries to deal with the failure of his relationship with Rory while talking to his father Jimmy about why he just showed after all these years. Even as Jess meets Jimmy's girlfriend Sasha and her daughter, he's amazed at how quirky the town is. Yet, when Jimmy reveals why he abandoned him and couldn’t help him, Jess makes a plea to just let him crash at his place.

The episode is notable for two aspects. One is that the episode acts as a back-door pilot of sorts for a show called Windward Circle which revolves around Jess getting to know his father while befriending skateboarders. Yet, plans for the show were derailed due to high production cost. Yet, the change of scenery from Connecticut to California proves that Gilmore Girls, no matter where it is, has a unique sense of eccentricity. Another notable aspect is guest star Sherilyn Fenn who is famous for her work in Twin Peaks. Fenn's appearance as Sasha is memorable as Fenn would later appear in Gilmore Girls in the sixth and seventh season as a former flame of Luke's who carries a secret that would put his world upside down. Another actress who makes an appearance that previously appeared in the show is Alex Borstein as she makes a guest appearance as Miss Celine, Emily's wardrobe advisor.

3.22-Those Are Strings, Pinocchio-5/5

Directed by Jamie Babbit. Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Rory becomes Chilton's valedictorian as Lorelai, Emily, Richard, Sookie, Jackson, and Luke attend the graduation. Yet, when Lorelai is unable to get the money to buy the Dragonfly Inn due to financial aid trouble for Rory. Rory decides to make a move with help from her grandparents. Yet, amidst all of the celebration and drama, Rory makes silent contact with Jess while Luke becomes haunted by what Lorelai had told him about an upcoming vacation trip with Nicole.

The season finale is a mixture of emotions as the episodes has the Independence Inn set seen for the final time where its fate has been revealed. When Lorelai reveals the news to Jackson and Sookie about the inn in a bizarre celebration, it's a mixture of emotions as Lorelai is unsure on what to do about her own future but Rory's as well since she's unable to pay for Yale and her one chance to with the involvement of her parents had been closed. Rory makes the move where she and Richard negotiated on what they should do about Rory's future opening the door for Lorelai and Sookie to bid on the Dragonfly. At the graduation ceremony, it's one filled with light-hearted humor and emotions as Rory makes an emotional speech that moves everyone including Luke.

One of the episodes light-hearted moments involves Paris as she’s greeted by her nanny, who brought her family in whom Paris adores. Along with moments on other characters like Madeline & Louise, a funny speech from Brad Langford, and Rory and Dean making up with Rory helping out on getting a wedding present for her former boyfriend. The episode also features a very brief appearance from Veronica Mars/Heroes star Kristen Bell as a student. The episode also closes the doors on Rory's relationship with Jess as she calls him where he listens and says nothing. The scene shows the idea of Rory and Jess and the way he treated her as it's clear that despite their attraction, they weren't a good couple. Another notable scene is a reference to the third season opening scene. This time, it's Luke who has a dream where Lorelai tells him something about his upcoming cruise trip, where he's already having second thoughts.

The season is all about new beginnings and endings where the Gilmore Girls prepare to journey into new worlds. Yet, the core relationship between Lorelai and Rory is the heart of the show as the two deal with Rory's academic future, Lorelai's troubled relationship with her parents, and Christopher's news that his girlfriend Sherry is pregnant. Through it all, the girls weather the storm as Rory has chosen her future while Lorelai also embarks on her dream to open her own inn through fate. The girls also delve into the complicated world of love as Rory struggles to cope with her feelings for Jess while still being loyal to Dean.

Yet, the end has Rory no longer attached to either as her high expectations in her relationship with Jess shatters due to Jess' lack of openness and anti-social behavior. Rory's relationship with Dean also changes as after their break-up, they try to be friends yet when Dean announces he's getting married. Rory has mixed feelings due to the fact that Dean is still young and also very naive.

Lorelai also goes through her own complications in finding Mr. Right as her Christopher's news put a strain into their relationship while she tries to go back onto the dating scene where she eventually met Alex. Yet, the relationship with Alex dissolves when Max Medina re-enters the picture briefly as Lorelai wonders if she still has feelings for the man she was supposed to marry a year before. Still, Lorelai finds herself single again by the end of the season while her relationship with Alex triggered Luke to get into a relationship with Nicole Leahy.

Audiences know that Luke for years, have been pining for Lorelai as seeing her with another man shows that once again, he misses another opportunity to ask her out. In response, he dates a woman who is very different for him. When Lorelai sees this, audiences can tell there's a bit of jealousy from her point of view while Nicole seems to treat her very coldly.

While the third season explores the world of the Gilmore Girls and Luke Danes, other characters get to shine like Lane as she finds her first real boyfriend while forming a band. Sookie also has her moment when she learns she's pregnant as she and Michel try to ponder about their own future with the fallout of the Independence Inn. Yet, the one character that really gets a chance to shine is Paris Gellar. In the first two seasons, she is portrayed as a mean, ambitious young girl who often acts as a foil for Rory. In the third season, audiences get to see Paris in a far different light as she gets a real boyfriend while trying to work very hard to get into Harvard. Yet, when she's manipulated by another student and rejected from Harvard, audiences get to see a girl that is very vulnerable as she finds out that the one true friend she has is Rory.

The show’s writing and knack for fast-paced, quirky dialogue is what set itself apart from other shows as Amy Sherman-Palladino, husband Daniel Palladino, and several other writers create realistic storylines that are a wonderful mix of humor and drama. While almost every story in the third season is top-notch, it's carried by some wonderful direction where standing out among a small group of directors isn't just the show's creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

It's the contributions of Jamie Babbit and Kenny Ortega, two directors with a background in feature-film making. Babbit, known for the quirky indie-comedy But... I'm a Cheerleader, and Ortega, known for Newsies and the High School Musical franchise, create episodes that are always done with such expertise that it becomes more than just a regular episode. Whenever Sherman-Palladino directs an episode, there's an excitement and energy that is enthusiastic while the actors bring their A game to that episode.

The soundtrack that includes the theme song by Carole King and Louise Goffin along with score music by Sam Phillips and an occasional appearance from Grant Lee Phillips as the town troubadour. The rest of the music features music ranging from big band to indie rock from acts like XTC while the band that Lane forms that would eventually be called Hep Alien play music ranging from the Clash to the White Stripes while taking shots at mainstream bands like Matchbox 20 and Creed. It's one of the other reasons why the show is so beloved with an indie rock crowd while making references to legends like David Bowie.

The casting in the third season is truly superb with appearances from Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs of Welcome Back, Kotter fame as Jess' principal, Kristen Bell as a Chilton classmate in the season finale, Senator Barbara Boxer as herself, Granville Van Dusen and Tinsley Grimes as an eccentric family, Jon Hamm as a date for Lorelai, Scout Taylor-Compton as Dean's little sister Clara, 80s rocker Michael des Barres as a guest of the Gilmores at Thanksgiving, Seth MacFarlane as a seminar speaker, Peter Michael Goetz and Cristine Rose as Christopher's parents, Jessica Kipper as Jess' girlfriend Shane, Phillip Van Dyke as a young Christopher, Chelsea Brummet as a young Lorelai, Chauncey Leopardi of The Sandlot as Kyle, and from Twin Peaks, Sherilyn Fenn as Sasha.

Other notable guest appearances include Rob Estes as Jess' long-lost father Jimmy Mariano, Ken Davitan of Borat as one of Miss Patty's dates, Fenn's Twin Peaks co-star Madchen Amick as Sherry, Kids in the Hall star Bruce McCullough asthe Independence Inn night manager Tobin, Alex Borstein as Miss Celine, Jon Polito as a local pizza owner and Marion Ross as Richard's mother Trix.

New recurring characters that would prominent to the show are Lane's band mates Zach and Brian, played respectively by Todd Lowe and John Cabrera as the two guys bring out funny banter with Lowe as the more sarcastic character and Cabrera as the nerdy bass player. In the role of Caesar, Aris Alvarado takes the role permanently as Luke's loyal, humorous chef. Jim Jansen as Reverend Archie Skinner and Alan Blumenfeld as Rabbi David Barans are funny as the town's religious heads who are just as eccentric like the locals while sharing the same church.

Other notable recurring characters like Rose Abdoo as sarcastic mechanic Gypsy, Mike Gandolfi as local bookstore owner Andrew, Emily Kuroda as the religious Mrs. Kim, Liz Torres as the vivacious Miss Patty, Sally Struthers as Lorelai's raspy neighbor Babette, Ted Rooney as Babette's husband Morey, Jackson Douglas as Sookie's CCR-loving husband Jackson Belleville, and Michael Winters as the square-minded town leader Taylor Doose are all wonderful to watch as they each get a chance to stand out.

Other notable recurring characters like Adam Wylie as Brad Langford, Dakin Matthews as Headmaster Charleston, and the coolest girls at Chilton, Shelly Cole and Teal Redmann as Madeline and Louise, respectively, are always fun to watch. Brandon Barash is good as Jamie, Paris' first real boyfriend as he gives Paris more to do outside her world of academics. In his only season appearance, Adam Brody is great as Lane's musical soulmate Dave Rygalski who would do anything to date Lane and get Mrs. Kim's approval while trying to compete with Young Chui, played by Samson Yi. Brody's performance is a real standout as sadly, he would end up being cast in The O.C. afterwards where three seasons later, that show would be dissed by a recurring character of this show. Emily Bergl of The Rage: Carrie 2 is great as the conniving Francie, who tries to split up the friendship of Rory and Paris for her own political gain.

Arielle Kebbel is good in a small but memorable role as Dean's sweet yet dim-witted girlfriend Lindsay while Tricia O'Kelley is also good as Luke's new girlfriend Nicole, who doesn't seem to like Lorelai very much. Billy Burke is good as Alex, a new flame of Lorelai who shares his love for coffee while Scott Cohen makes a brief return as Max Medina. Cohen's performance is excellent as it provides closure to the relationship between Lorelai and Max. David Sutcliffe is excellent as Lorelai's old flame and Rory's father Christopher Hayden as he tries to make-up with the girls over his actions while given the cold shoulder over his absences in Rory's life.

Then there's the main cast as Yanic Truesdale is in excellent form as the sarcastic Michel who serves as a foil for Lorelai and Sookie while trying to compete with Tobin over giving Lorelai the better birthday present. Sean Gunn is hilarious as Kirk, the man with multiple part-time jobs and still lives with his mother as his hijinks and shenanigans provide the show with its funniest moments. Jared Padalecki is good as Dean Forrester, Rory's first boyfriend who ends up breaking up with her while trying to give Jess a hard time as his character becomes someone not very nice while doing things that are really stupid. Milo Ventimiglia is great as Jess Mariano, the bad-boy yet book-loving kid who finally gets to be with Rory but his own rebellious persona gets the best of him as he ends up disappointing both Luke and Rory.

The show's real star in terms of supporting roles is Liza Weil as Paris Gellar as Weil channels all of the angst and vulnerability that is Paris Gellar while having some of the funniest one-liners in the show. Weil has great rapport with both Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham as she prove that she can be both a foil and a sidekick as she is the show's standout performer. Keiko Agena also shines as the character of Lane Kim grows as she tries to rebel against her religious upbringing while finally getting to experience love for the very first time as despite her religious upbringing, she's finally getting a chance to be free. Melissa McCarthy is funny as the scatterbrain chef Sookie who learns she's about to have a baby while dealing with the end of the Independence Inn and sharing Lorelai’s dream in having their own inn.

Edward Herrmann is great as Richard Gilmore, the family patriarch as he tries to influence Rory in going to Yale while dealing with his new business as he’s now on his own. Kelly Bishop is also great as Emily Gilmore as she gets into her own comic moments involving Richard's mother while dealing her often cantankerous relationship with Lorelai. Scott Patterson is great as Luke Danes, the gruff diner owner trying to deal with his rebellious nephew Jess while delving into a relationship with Nicole Leahy. Patterson is great for being the father figure that neither Jess and Rory had while going into his own confusion over his feelings for Lorelai as he dates Nicole.

Alexis Bledel is brilliant as Rory Gilmore, the confident, driven girl whose chance to go to a top college is finally coming as she also deals with her complicated love life as she turns to her mother for guidance. Lauren Graham is amazing as Lorelai Gilmore, a woman who is finally getting the chance to fulfill her dream to open her own inn while dealing with the fallout of her own relationships with men as her own feelings for Luke, that she denies, sparks jealousy. Graham and Bledel are the heart of the show as the two carry amazing chemistry that is both funny and dramatic as it's clear that they're the key ingredient to the show.

The third season of Gilmore Girls is a near-perfect season filled with great performances, amazing episodes, realistic storylines, and lots of humor, drama, and a great soundtrack to boot. Thanks to an amazing cast, a team of great writers and directors, and moments that audiences can laugh and cry at. Thanks to Amy Sherman-Palladino and its stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Scott Patterson, the third season of Gilmore Girls, which is often considered one of their best seasons, is one to enjoy.

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