Take the stink out of the trash with Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Bags with Odor Shield.

Dec 16, 2012
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Pros:easy to find, really expands without tearing, totally absorbs odors

Cons:more expensive than regular garbage bags

The Bottom Line: I thought Glad ForceFlex Garbage Bags were amazing but the ones with Febreze OdorShield are even more impressive.

With just two people (and several pets) living in the house, there are days when I empty the kitchen garbage can one, two, or even three times and there are weeks when I empty it only once or twice.  I don't put pet waste in the kitchen garbage can but man it still can get pretty stinky if I don't empty it every single day.  I discovered Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Bags with Febreze Odor Shield many years ago and I've been religiously using them ever since!

About This Product

Glad ForceFlex Tall Drawstring Kitchen Garbage Bags with Febreze Odor Shield
(isn't that a mouthful?) are described by the company as "The Ultimate Bag!-- with Stretchable Strength and Odor Neutralization!" The Force Flex technology allows the bags to stretch and expand instead of ripping as you stuff things into the garbage can.  The Febreze OdorShield has a "fresh scent" and neutralizes smells while also producing a pleasant clean aroma. 

These garbage bags are available in 4 gallon (small), 13 gallon (tall kitchen), and 30 gallon (large trash) size.  I use the 13 gallon ones in my kitchen garbage can and also in the garbage can that we keep downstairs in our basement bar and entertaining area.  I usually pay something like $15 for a box of 55 of them at the local WalMart.  They also can be found in grocery stores, drug stores, and other discount retailers like Target, KMart, etc.

My Experience

As I said above, I've been using these Glad ForceFlex Kitchen Bags with Febreze OdorShield for several years now and I am a total convert.  I just can't go back to regular non-stretchy and non-nice-smelling plastic bags!

I love the fact that they don't tear when we are lazy and just keep cramming things into the can instead of removing the already-full bag and putting it outside into the robocan.  I also appreciate the fact that it absorbs the odors and leaves a clean and fresh scent behind instead of the usual funk of old garbage.  This is the kind of thing that I just happily pay a few extra dollars for to make my life easier. 

Overall Opinion

I'm totally a ForceFlex Bag with Febreze Odor Shield convert and will continue to use them for as long as they are made.  Anything that makes dealing with the garbage can easier is a good buy in my book.

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