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Hamilton Beach 67608 800 Watts Juicer

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Good Deal: Hamilton Beach 67608 Juicer Joy

Jan 2, 2013 (Updated Jan 2, 2013)
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Pros:Good motor.  Good juice results.  Low price.

Cons:Lots of plastic.

The Bottom Line: All juicers require work to clean.  This one is inexpensive for performance level.  Lots of plastic...the only downside.

Here's the thing with juicers - they are either a lifestyle item or a fad item.  Sometimes, to ensure something is not just a fad, it's best to try an item that won't set you back a lot of money.  And, so, we have a Hamilton Beach juicer...the model is 67608 and includes the term "Big Mouth" in the product title.  It also included a price tag far beneath the $200 range of many 'all the rage' juicers.  And, so, we began to juice.

Some bullet point selling features:
Our price tag here was about $50 and some change.
For the price it had an 800 watt motor (we eliminated lesser wattage due to some motor overwork we envisioned).
It was readily available in big box retailers so we could touch it, look it over, etc. before purchasing.  (i.e. no infomercial buyer's remorse for us)

And these points are before actual usage.  Then we brought it home.

Out of the box the Hamilton Beach doesn't require a lot of set up.  The central unit is obvious - stainless steel with some black accents, cord off one side and the controls at the opposite.  Logical.  Easy.  The 'pulp catcher' is a relatively clear plastic attachment off one side - again it was easy - slid/snapped into place as did the top portion where the fruits and veggies were inserted - this portion sort of nsapped but also had some built in clips to ensure it stayed into place.

Once assembled it appears very user friendly which was another big selling point.  The actual set up was very intuitive and logical.   One control dial is at the front - clearly labeled.

Big mouth refers not to the user, but rather to the feed area.  For being a less expensive model, it did have the added bonus of allowing most typical sized fruits to go in whole.  This eliminated some of the mess and added clean-up necessary to chop and dice before insertion.  The literature claimed an entire apple can be juiced in 3 seconds.  We timed it and it did come quite close.

Juicing is messy business.  So actual use - turn unit on and hear a soft motor - insert fruit and it sounds like you're having a tree cut down in the backyard.  If the baby is sleeping you may want to put off juicing until later.  The pulp went easily into one side, nice juice came out the other.  (The unit came with a plastic juice 'catcher'...we use our own class container.)  Each item we tried resulted as it should and the stainless steel blades maintained working well until we had the large pulp catcher virtually full. 

Cleaning…well, I’m a modern guy so I do my own when juicing.  Sometimes.  We actually own another juicer so I’m going to use a blanket statement here and say:  Cleaning a juicer isn’t fun.  No matter what juicer you own.  Considering the activity it should be no surprise that a juicer that does its job well – providing liquid and removing pulp and assorted other fiber – well it’s going to involve blades and strainers and these are going to get filled with leftovers.  A brush is included with the juicer for cleaning which involves cleaning blades as well as a mesh strainer.  The strainer removes easy enough and the blades can be wiped off with a dry cloth.  The strainer can be brushed but a little warm water goes a long way too….the more expensive the juicer does not mean the easier the clean-up.  It’s going to involve cleaning regardless.    Anything plastic, per literature, is considered dishwasher safe.

 All-in-all this is a good model for beginning juicers.  The price is right, the performance quite good, the results are, well, juice.  Concerns?  Lots of plastic…some plastic is okay…I’d rather have seen some metal where the top housing connects to the base.  The pulp was just a little damp – I probably could have juiced it again to test my theory.  Compared to another model we have perhaps I’m not getting ‘max juice’….That said, I don’t think the difference would be worth the effort it will take to test my theory.

For the price you get an 800 Watt, 1.1 HP motor.  Complete juicer.  Juice ‘catcher’.  Recipe book.  Plus the stainless look with black accents is plenty trendy.  I’m rating based on performance but also performance in conjunction with bargain pricing.

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