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May 29, 2012
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Pros:Durable plastic covers fit two canned pet food sizes. Great for cats or dogs.

Cons:Made in China

The Bottom Line: Recommended for keeping pet foods fresh, and keeping odor and mess from escaping dog food and cat food cans. Quality product at a low price.

Nevada is a beautiful, good natured husky that was adopted a couple of years ago. He has been to the vet several times and needed several dietary changes because of digestive issues. After a lot of experimentation, it was determined that he could not digest dry dog foods of any kind. He eats only canned dog foods, and even so must be given these in small portions because he still has problems keeping most of them down.

Because he does not eat a full can of dog food at one sitting, there is generally a can or two of food in the refrigerator at any given time. In order to keep them fresh the cans must be kept covered. The Hartz Dog Food Can Covers are used often to protect his foods.

These covers come in a package of two covers and fit two sizes of cans. They are an easy and convenient way to keep canned pet foods fresh and prevent spills and odors while storing the remaining portions in the refrigerator.

These are made of a durable plastic with a little bit of give to it, so they nest nicely for easy storage when not in use.  They come in assorted colors, with two different colors in each package. If you buy these online you generally get whatever color they choose, but if purchasing them in the store you can choose from whatever colors are available. You can often find these for around a dollar or two, but I picked up a brand new package of these at a yard sale for 25 cents. I love yard sale shopping.

Each of the two lids in this package is just under 1/2 inch deep and measures 3 1/2 inches in diameter, with indentations to fit two sizes of cans. The larger indentation measures 3 3/8 inches and the smaller measures 2 15/16 inches. These fit snugly on most dog food and cat food cans, keeping mess and odor in the cans while keeping the contents fresh.

Although you can see some light through these lids if you hold them up, you can not see through them to tell how much dog food is left in the can. This isn't a problem though since I can generally tell pretty close by the weight of the can when I pick it up.  The lids are in assorted solid colors with outlines of cat or dog heads on each one. Each lid has a small triangle shaped tab to easily remove the lid from the pet food cans. 

According to the package, these dog food lids are made in China for Hartz Mountain Corporation. Although I prefer to purchase products that are made in USA, these are a high quality product. I recommend these covers for anyone who feeds canned pet foods to their dogs or cats.

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