Hasbro Scrabble Catch Phrase

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Hasbro Scrabble Catch Phrase: Fast and Furious...and It's Fun!!

Jan 1, 2013 (Updated Jan 1, 2013)
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Pros:Fast fun game

Self contained

Cons:needs AAA batteries but they do last quite a while!

The Bottom Line: Hasbro's Scrabble Edition Catch Phrase is a winner of a game. It's contemporary with the words inside and has easy-to-use features that make it a step above older versions of-the-game.

We have owned Catch Phrase Games before. This is the latest that I have seen and though it is much like the original, this newer edition with the Scrabble name on it is well made and easier to use. All this and yet this maintains the usually VERY Fast and Furious "Hot Potato" pace that has always made this one of our favorite games that is ready to play as long as batteries three AAA are at the ready.

Scrabble Catch Phrase  

The game made by the Hasbro people is simple enough being designed for ages 12 and up. It's a disc shaped self contained electronic game that has five categories,

Every Day Life
Fun and Games and finally
The World      

Two teams are set up in a circle every other person. An automatic timer makes a ticking clock sound that after a while increases in intensity a couple of grades going faster meaning the buzzer will be going off soon.  Whichever team is holding the disc at the time will be the loser of the round and the other team gets a point that is input into the CatchPhrase Disc. A bonus point is allowed if the team that was not stuck holding the disc answers the last clue correctly.

Clues are given to describe a word from whatever category is being used at the time. The word to be seeked from other team members is given to each person as the disc is passed around. The person holding the disc gives clues to his/her team but cannot use rhymes, first letters, or parts of the word as clues.  

Once the team members guess the correct word the disc is passed to the next opposing team player who in turn tries to give clues and get that disc out of hands and to the next opposing player. When the buzzer goes off, the one with disc in hand gives a point to the opposing team.

It's actually a pretty easy game to get going and understand.

pops take

Giving clues for a word sometimes comes easily and sometimes it becomes a stumper. The words can be familiar as some people in "Entertainment" including Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra, Halle berry, Cold Play. The "World" may put up words like drive -Up Window Sunshine State, Baghdad, Sand Dune.

"Fun and Games" has words like Hunting License, Card trick, Body Surfing..."Variety brings up Pen and Ink, Bowling Shoes, Sears Tower, Blind as a Bat and many others. The last category is "Everyday Life" that offers words like Beer bottle, At your Finger tips, Comb Your hair, croissant, and Auto Body Repair.

It seems there are thousands of words within the Scrabble Electronic CatchPhrase. Some seem easy and others that look difficult can be guessed fairy easily with the correct clues. There is a constant interaction between the person offering a word and the team trying to guess it.

The game uses three AAA batteries that seem to last for months and are easy to put in as long as one has a small slotted or Phillips head screw-driver.

pops Take        

Scrabble Catch Phrase is among my favorites of games. Except for needing good AAA batteries (3), it's ready to go. There are no game pieces or boxes to store. Place the game in a drawer, shelf or on a desk top as a paperweight and you are always ready top go.

The categories offer a fine selection so as to not give advantage to anyone team.  The window in this electronic game is large and easy to read for most without "specs". Nothing like the earlier editions that needed a magnifying glass for reading. As the disc is passed a "NEXT" button is pushed putting a new word into the viewer. That "Next" button is well raised making it easy to hit right away.  

The shape with a multi-level and differing feeling surfaces makes it easy to pass and hold onto.   The score keeping is easy to follow and a little bit of electronic sound Fan-fare is heard upon a win. The bright red with black trim is handsome and solid looking.

Hasbro's  Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase is a newer version with more contemporary words than the previous years out there. It's fast and fun with people who like to play games and have no trouble trying to get others to follow their lead.

I can highly recommend Scrabble Catch Phrase.

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