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I Rolled Four Mr. Crabs - SpongeBob Squarepants Yahtzee Jr

Apr 8, 2013
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Pros:fun, colorful, easy to play, easy to learn, great for boys or girls, SpongeBob

Cons:must put labels on, small pieces

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a fun preschool game, we would recommend Hasbro’s SpongeBob Squarepants Yahtzee Jr.

I have always enjoyed playing Yahtzee. When I came across SpongeBob Squarepants edition of Yahtzee Jr., I had to purchase it. We have owned a few other versions of Yahtzee and have enjoyed them all.

SpongeBob Yahtzee Jr. is recommended for children four and older. It requires two to four players. SpongeBob Yahtzee Jr. is made by Hasbro. Yahtzee Jr. comes with five dice, scoreboard, dice cup, label sheet and 20 scoring tokens.

Before playing for the first time you will need to punch out the cardboard scoring tokens and place the labels on the dice. The five characters on each die are SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. Crabs. Gary is also on one side as is Plankton.

The game is like regular Yahtzee but for the younger crowd. Each player takes all the tokens that are the same. The first player rolls all five dice using the dice cup. Depending on how many players there are, depends on how many rounds each player will play. The player has three turns to roll as many of the same characters as they can. When your three rolls are over you take your token and place it on the number of characters you rolled. So if you rolled four Mr. Crabs, you would place markers on four Mr. Crabs.

If you roll a Gary, he is wild and can be counted as any character. So if you rolled four Squidwards and one Gary, you can mark five Squidwards on your scorecard. If you roll Plankton, he is bad luck. You will take that die from your roll and it cannot be rolled again.  Each player continues as above until everyone has taken all their turns. The players total their scores and the one with the highest total is the winner. Yahtzee Jr. is a very basic version of Yahtzee for the preschool crowd.

I purchased Yahtzee Jr. online for around ten dollars. They do still sell it online and in stores. I think it would make a great gift for any preschooler who likes SpongeBob. They also make other versions of Yahtzee Jr. such as Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and Disney. I think any version of Yahtzee is fun and I love this version too. I enjoy playing as much as the children do. SpongeBob Yahtzee Jr. doesn’t get played as much these days because my boys and nephews are getting older but I have held onto the game as my grandson loves to watch SpongeBob so I am hoping one day we can enjoy playing SpongeBob Yahtzee Jr. together.

When you are done playing, we like to store everything in a Ziploc bag so not to lose anything. You also need to be careful as the dice could be a choking hazard for smaller children.

I like Yahtzee Jr. as it is fun to play. The dice are colorful and feature SpongeBob characters. The only problem I have with this game is that you need to put the labels on the dice yourself. I hate having to put labels on anything. I don’t know why the dice can’t come already labeled.

If you are looking for a fun preschool game, we would recommend Hasbro’s SpongeBob Squarepants Yahtzee Jr.

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