Head of the State by Cali Agents (CD, May-2004, Groove Attack (USA))

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Rasco & Planet Asia, hit you with that Endless Raw Rap

Jul 15, 2004
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Pros:Killer lyrics, Good Production, Each compliment one another perfectly

Cons:Slightly Weaker bounce tracks

The Bottom Line: Cali Agent Fans - Buy, HipHop Fans - Buy, Non-HipHop Fans - Probably don't buy.

I first found out that the Cali Agents had a new album a few days ago when I was riding with one of my boys. He put it on and I asked "This some new Planet Asia Sh!t?". He tells me it is the Cali Agent's latest joint Head of State released while I was in Basic. I asked to borrow the cd and he let me have it for a weekend.

If you don't know the Cali Agents are the hip-hop duo of Planet Asia and Rasco. Rasco spits with a pretty normal flow while Planet Asia will seem to just be spouting off at the mouth when you first here him. They collectively dropped thier critically acclaimed debut album How The West Was Won back in 2000. Rasco dropped his album "Escape from Alcatraz" last year and it was pretty damn good. Celebrating his freedom from his buddy f!cking former label Copastik and its boss Jon Sexton. Ever since his debut album Time Waits For No Man back in the 98', Rasco has been a highly respected member of the Bay Area's underground hip-hop scene.

Earlier this year Planet Asia dropped his album The Grand Opening. For those who don't know, this isn't his first album. This is just the first one he put together in 3 years due to the fact he was pretty much shelved at Interscope, and The Grand Opening signifies his jumping ship to Avatar Records. However that album was somewhat under-achieving. However he's back at it a few months later with long-time partner Rasco to give us another Cali Agents joint.

1. Intro - N/A - This joint starts out with an intro with cats talkin about black folk and white folk.

2. Sharp - $$$$1/2 - This joint opens up with a funky guitar lick over some pumping bass and some snares. Rasco opens up spittin hot grenades right at your fade. Explaining how CA is back and ready to knock down these wack rappers out. Rasco advises the wack cats to switch up they style to something new. The chorus is a collage of lyrics from various rappers such as Jay-Z, Freeway, Beanie SIgel, 50 Cent, and Ice Cube amongst others. Planet Asia takes it from there and spits some killer battle lyrics here. However his verse pails in comparison to Rasco's and cut into this track like a razor.

3. Cali Nights - $$$$1/4 - Violins open up for the rest of the beat. We get a nice splice of bass, violins and synth funk to set the mood for Cali Nights. Once again Rasco opens it up and spits some tight sh!t. Spittin about how he's heard a lot of rappers and most of them is wack, while he is on a quest to demand respect. Planet Asia's verse is mad hot even though during some points he seems kind of unfocused. He opens up spitting some ridiculously tight battle lyrics then falters off a bit, and just when you think he's gonna finish strong he leaves us with "If you anywhere between me and my money, ain't nothin' f!ckin special about you". Man, he could have really bought it down if he used some different lyrics here, still it's a tight track regardless.

4. In The Zone - $$3/4 - From the onset you can see this bouncy beat, is set for commercial appeal. Planet Asia opens up spitting some truly mediocre club lyrics then he turns a 180 and starts spitting some really hot sh!t, even though it is still about the club scene. The chorus is annoying as hell however and really detracts from the song. Rasco then takes it from there and also spits some slightly above average sh!t here. Planet Asia begins the second verse and continues spitting those club lyrics, and then after him Rasco spits some of the most basic sh!t he's ever spit, with some weak lyrics.

5. Rawrap - $$$$$ - Absolutely bananas beat on this one. This is the perfect beat for the Cali Agents and they don't disappoint. Planet Asia starts it off and unlike the previous track, here he actually is in the zone. Telling how it's time for the dudes from Cali to once again hit us with some real sh!t. Telling all the other groups to fall back. As the beat breaks Rasco jumps in seemlessly and starts off where PA left off. The chorus shows how they are still hungry. In the second verse once again PA and Rasco share 8 bars and just tear sh!t up. Unlike a lot of rapper out who claim it, these two really is spittin that raw sh!t here.

6. Go Ladies - $$$ - Bass Thumps in hard on this track to the ladies. Even though this could be a club banger the beat is still straight and raw. Planet Asia opens up and with a bunch of sexual themes spits some pretty weak rhymes. The chorus is straight up wack. Rasco however picks it up a bit even though hearing of his sexual escapades is a little less than desireable(sic). In his second verse however he spits some pretty slick lyrics to help this joint out a bit. Still this track never reaches anywhere higher than slightly above average.

7. Banger - $$$$$(1/4) - Architect crafts the beat which is rawer than sex with no condom. Planet Asia weaves in and out of this track like Barry Sanders against weak defenses. I mean he absolutely goes nuts on this joint. Just randomly spitting out sh!t that will makes you say "Daaamn". Rasco takes it from there and just absolutely brings down the house as if he was playing NBA Ballers. Spitting some thought-provoking battle lyrics that will leave you shaking your head and you fingers moving towards the rewind button. Bananas!
Planet Asia:
"We still in the field/
Buck Shots killing your shield/
It's don't stop till the bank pop peelin' a mil/
Piranha grill, n!gga's swimming with gills/
Up in the ghetto, goin' crazy in the mind with more drama than Othello/
Cali Agents dated in time like great pharoahs/
Rhymes peirce the back of the mind like straight arrows/
D!cks whine, bleedy eyes elevate levels/
Beyond emothion situations, we can't settle/...
"...Pocket Spinage with pockets linted/
Gold chain music on and on next millineage/
N!ggas wanna play with my intelligence/
So I play with thiers, with a sharp @ss scalpel, mask and leather gloves/...

8. Head of The State - $$$$ - Here Rasco and Planet Asia spit back and forth making sure you know who they are spitting some tight battle lyrics. Planet Asia spits about how the last album made noise, and this time around they spittin like they been fronted on. Rasco lets others know that they been in the game too long to just give it up.

9. Endless - $$$$$ - This track was the only Cali Agent collabo on Rasco's album Escape From Alcatraz. We get a mix of bass, drums, strings and chopped up samples featuring various rappers. On this track The Cali Agents spit some monsterous battle raps just smashing and intimidating any and all rappers who think they can step up to the plate. Planet Asia demands respect from coward @ss rappers, as Rasco just rips it up. As best described on the chopped Eve sample they used "5 Steps ahead of the best, and that's nothin'"

Well four years removed from the last Cali Agents album and the chemistry between these two hasn't faltered a bit. Rasco's smooth flow still compliments Planet Asia's aggressive track attack. However this is pretty much an EP with only 9 tracks and Endless being more of a bonus track. Still the Cali Agents effectively please the listener for a solid 30 minutes with thier seemless deliveries and tight lyrics. If you like either of these rappers and/or the Cali Agents as a group you should absolutely pick this one up.

4.5 Stars rounded up to 5.

Top 3 Songs
Honorable Mention(s) - Sharp & Cali Nights

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