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High Fidelity (DVD, 2000)

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High Fidelity Is Top 5 For Sure

Dec 17, 2000
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Pros:John Cusack, funny script, good music

Cons:Thrown together ending

I never got around to seeing High Fidelity at the theater and I sure wish I had. It’s a fabulous film and it goes to show how talented John Cusack is as an actor. He teams up with Stephen Fears of Grifters fame (which is an excellent movie in its own right) and hits a home run.

The plot is somewhat conventional. It revolves around Cusack and his failed relationships - his “Top 5 All Time Worst Breakups” to be specific. However, the film goes about showing the breakups in a touching, yet humorous way. We meet each girlfriend and Cusack tells us what’s so great about her. Then, he follows it up with the explanation of the breakup and what her problem was. Of course, he never considers that he could be the problem. We see breakups involving Lily Taylor and a gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones. His current breakup is with Laura. She’s played wonderfully by newcomer, Iben Hjejle.

It’s also important to talk about Cusack’s other life. He owns and runs a vintage record store. He points out that he has hired two employees on a part time basis, but they won’t ever leave. They just keep on coming back to work. Here is where one of the standout performances occurs. Jack Black is just hilarious. He plays one of Cusack’s employees. He spouts off “matter of fact” comments that are tremendous. His little diatribe about Stevie Wonder really hit home with me.

The film is unique in that Cusack talks to the camera directly on several occasions. He is probably the only person that can pull this acting trick off, with the possible exception of Matthew Brodderick. I like the one-on-one monologues. Some people might be turned off by them. I would suggest that you try to accept them because the movie is better for it.

Tim Robbins has a funny, yet small role as Ian. He plays the man that Cusack’s current breakup left him for. The dream sequence when Cusack and his buddies beat Ian to a pulp is very funny. Lisa Bonet is great, not to mention, stunning as one of Cusack’s flings.

The only problem I have with the film is the ending. It seems tacked on and somewhat rushed. That’s really a small complaint though. The music that serves as the background of the film really sets a great mood as well. Overall, I would highly recommend the film for any occasion.

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