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Hitman (DVD, 2009, Unrated; Widescreen)

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Hitman: another video game turned into a movie.

Mar 20, 2008
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Pros:Action, Action, and More Action.

Cons:Action is about all its got.

The Bottom Line: Most Video games that become movies are just Action Flicks. This one is no different.

Hitman (2008) Directed by Xavier Gens

For three years Inspector Mike Whittier (Dougray Scott) has been pursuing a mysterious hitman. The only thing that links his hits is they are each flawless. In Nigeria, a despotic warlord is executed by stuffing his brother with explosives, and turning him in to be tortured. A remote controlled detonator later…job completed. Whittier is more than a little exasperated that the Nigerian police do not wish to do anything except accept the easiest explanation, the one that does not involve them in a lot of hard messy work.

The Hitman (Timothy Oliphant) takes another job; this one to assassinate the Russian President Belicoff. Carefully planned, it is laid out, entry, and exit plans. But there is a change in plans; it is to be a public execution. So everything has to be reworked. A sniper shot from 4 kilometers. First he shoots the person in the way, then takes his shot at Belicoff.

And the Hitman does not fail. So why does Belicoff appear on TV the next day?

There is a witness; Belicoff’s girlfriend Nika. The Hitman and the Inspector both realize she is a key piece in solving this puzzle. The Hitman gets there first, eliminating the thugs dispatched to kill her. He has to threaten her life to get her cooperation, but then they are on the run.

How did Belicoff turn a head shot with copious arterial splatter to a glancing blow? And why? The hitman needs answers, but not only must he avoid the forces of Russian intelligence, the Russian police, and Interpol, but he finds himself facing other assassins from his own order. Some one desperately wants the only two people who are sure Bellicoff is dead to disappear.

So now Nika and the Hitman need to figure out how to call off the dogs. If the killers are seeking to silence Nika and the Hitman over the mystery of Belicoff’s not dieing, then, if Belicoff dies, there is no secret to protect. Besides, it has that nice juicy element of revenge.

So, how to get to Bellicoff while avoiding everyone seeking to kill them?

Why do we care? I mean, why should we care about an assassin? Aren’t they the bad guys?

The opening sequence is key and critical to this. Set after the movie, the Hitman, 47 breaks into the Inspector’s house, and asks him an all important question. If you are a good man, who has killed, how do you decide whom to kill?

This question, presented at the beginning, indicates that the Hitman is asking important questions. It tantalizes us with the possibility that he will be reformed.

The sequences of the indoctrination of the children into the Order provide the next puzzle piece. We see sweet little boys being combat trained, toughed, hardened, turned into killing machines. They each get little bar codes on the backs of their little shaved heads. This abuse of innocence makes us sympathetic.

The last reason we care about 47 is Nika. Nika is just a Russian prostitute, bought for $300 American, not for the evening, but sold on the Black Market, White Slavery. Belicoff beat her. She is, in her way, as damaged and brutalized as he. And he responds to that.

47 is the ultimate bad@$$. He is death in three directions, calm, cool, calculating. A brilliant tactician and an insightful planner. He is very much what every adolescent boy (and the adolescent boy in every man) secretly wishes he could be.

But he is totally discombobulated by Nika. As she puts it, he may know everything about guns and explosives, but nothing about women’s underclothing.

And that is the key, right there. As Big and Bad as 47 may be, here, we feel superior. And we feel sympathy from our days of discovering the ways of love; we remember that awkward terror, our own ways of compensating for it. And when we delve into our own past, a link is built with the anti-hero, 47.

This movie hit a nice blend of extreme violence, action and mystery. The gore is counter balanced with an off beat gallows humor that lightens the tone, and while it may trivialize the horror of murder for hire, it also makes this movie more watchable than say, No Country for Old Men.

There is graphic violence, and a good deal of nudity, unfortunately, none of it Olyphant’s. But still, quite enough to make this movie completely unsuitable for kids, and the more squeamish adult.

That said, if you have the constitution for the violence, this movie is an action packed rollercoaster ride with bullets. Check it out.

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