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Oster 6640 10-Speeds Blender

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Not Your Grandma's Oster, But Don't Hold that Against It

Feb 17, 2001
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Pros:Company with good reputation, powerful motor

Cons:Plastic jar probably not as durable as glass

The Bottom Line: Although the plastic jar probably won't last as long as the glass jar, it is lightweight and easy to use. This blender has a powerful motor and many optional speeds.

I received my first Oster blender around four years ago. My great-grandmother had just died, and my grandparents and I were at her house cleaning out her old stuff, determining what to sell and what to keep. We came across her old Oster blender. After testing it and determining that it still worked, I decided to keep it. I was a college student at the time, so a hand-me-down blender was fine by me. I had it up until last year when it finally died. I'm not sure exactly how old this blender was, but to give you a hint, the color trim was this mustardy color straight from the 1970s. It had to have been at least 20 years old. Since the base unit didn't work, I gave the glass jar, still in perfect condition, to my mother, who also has an over 20 year old Oster. When it came time to purchase a new blender, Oster was my choice.

Oster makes a wide variety of blenders in different base and jar styles, speeds, and motor sizes. I chose the Cube Blender with Plastic Jar. This blender has a 450 watt motor and comes in several different *speed* options. You can choose from 8-speed, 10-speed, 12-speed, and 14-speed. I picked the 10-speed as it seemed to be a good compromise between power and price. I also use my blender mainly to mix various drinks, so the higher number of speeds didn't seem as important to me, as long as the one I chose would crush ice and mix the drinks.

The Jar and the Base

The jar of my blender is a very sturdy, clear plastic. I didn't think of it at the time I purchased, but now I realize that the plastic probably will not be as durable as the glass jars. Still, I have used this several times with no chips, cracks, or problems. One nice feature to this jar is that it's *Easy Clean.* The walls of the jar are smooth and groove-less so that food and liquids do not get stuck in them.

The lid to the jar is also plastic but more flimsy than the old Oster lid that was on my old blender. It takes a bit of fussing with it to get it into the top of the jar, but it does seem to have a tighter fit than the old lid. It also has a nice plastic piece in the middle which covers a hole. You are able to add ingredients through the hole without turning off the blender and removing the lid.

I put each piece into the dishwasher without problems even though the instructions say not to do this. I'm too lazy to handwash. :)

The base of my blender is a white cube that is much more sleek than the old blender of my great-grandmother's. It can be cleaned by wiping a wet cloth over it and should never been put into water. The buttons are somewhat small rectangular shaped, but are easy to push in. It's relatively attractive, for an appliance anyway!

The Speeds

My 10-speed blender has the following speeds:

By pushing the *Low* cycle button, you get:

By pushing the *High* cycle button you get:
Ice Crush

Ice Crush and Mix are controlled cycle features, meaning that you pulse the buttons for a couple of seconds to blend your item. They do not automatically blend when the button is released as the other cycles do.

One other speed feature is the same button as *Stir.* This is the easy clean feature which allows you to mix warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid for around 15 seconds, then dumping and cleaning out. This makes it easy to clean when you are doing another mixture, without washing the entire unit. It does state not to do this when using meats, eggs, and items such as that and to not use this in place of washing after every use.


To assemble the blender, you place the small rubber ring on the bottom of the jar. Place the blade over that, with the black base of the jar around that. You place the jar into the base of the blender. It slides in easily and sticks in place with a little twist. You then add your ingredients, stick the lid on top, then blend. You should keep one hand on the lid at all times.

Once you are done, you can jiggle the jar a bit. It should come right off the base. At this point, you should wash the jar (not in the dishwasher, *wink, wink*) and wipe down the base for the next use.


I find the performance of this Oster to be top of the line. It blends liquids and pieces of fruit quickly and easily. It crushes ice with relative ease, although I've found that smaller pieces go much more quickly and that the most effective way is to push the button for a few seconds and once it's come to a stop, repeat, until your ice is crushed. I haven't had it long enough to rate its durability, but I hope that it will last as long as my family's Osters from the past.

In the end, I've been extremely pleased with this blender. It's a high quality product from a well-known name, Oster

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