An extremely frustrating product - expensive to run with frequent repairs needed

Jul 22, 2009
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Pros:I suppose the double drawers can be useful.

Cons:Unreliable and expensive to repair all the time. Mediocre performance doesn't match price.

The Bottom Line: Due to unreliability and very high repair costs, I wouldn't recommend this.

On the whole this has been a highly frustrating product, with many major annoyances; when forking out large wads of money for a 'premium' brand like Fisher and Paykel, one would hope to be ensured of a pleasant owning experience. In fact, this is one of the main factors in choosing this brand and model.

The main issue has been reliability. In the last year alone it has twice required extensive repairs. With each one necessitating multiple visits from a technician, the costs mount up very quickly and in hindsight I wish we had simply just thrown the F & P out and replaced it with a more reliable dishwasher.

These problems don't seem to be that uncommon. When, two days ago, the machine started howling and flashing uncontrollably in the middle of the night, I called the F & P service representative. Without even explaing the problem, the representative asked if it were an 'F1' problem. Indeed it was (this stands for the flood control warning on the unit) so I concluded we weren't the first to report this.

Also, with the double drawer, I guess that this just builds in more complexity, and more to go wrong. Six months ago one of the motors failed, requiring replacement at large cost (equivalent to an entry level unit from more 'basic' brands.

When the unit condescends to actually do some work, it's nothing spectacular. It's louder than many other brands on the market. As another reviewer pointed out, the fast cycle (about an hour) isn't satisfactory. It doesn't handle solid food well, so hand pre-washing is a must. Also, the design is such that it's difficult to fit in bowls or saucepans.

On the whole, not a happy owning and operating experience. Have resolved to repair no more but to go for a more reliable machine.

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