Dacor Preference SGM365 36 in. Gas Cooktop Reviews
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Dacor Preference SGM365 36 in. Gas Cooktop

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Dacor Preference Sealed Gas Metal Cooktop SGM365

Dec 28, 2002
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Pros:controls on top

Cons:not self cleaning - but then, what is.

The Bottom Line: Simply the best.

Mom and Dad have lived in the same place for 35 years. In that time, the biggest kitchen remodel they had done was to put a veneer onto the old cabinets. When the oven, however, failed to regulate temperatures properly (it was left with two temperatures - off and on) and could not be replaced because they no longer made that size oven...well, the time for a kitchen remodel had arrived. Since they're planning to spend the rest of their lives in the house, and since mom loves to spend time in the kitchen (she calls cooking playing), it was decided to make it a dream kitchen. The cabinets are now custom, the counters granite, the oven and cooktop are both Dacor.

Mom and Dad didn't go looking for a particular brand of appliance. Instead, mom decided what features she wanted and they looked for an appliance to match. We've always had a gas cooktop and there was no question that's what mom wanted. There is, after all, a reason that when things are going well people say, "now we're cooking with gas."

So what does this model have that mom wanted?
Here's what this particular model has:

A large 14,000 BTU Burner on the left side in front.
2 Medium 12,500 BTU Burners in the back on the right side and in the middle.
2 Small 8,500 BTU Burners on the left side in back and on the right side in front.



Hopefully, the diagram above helps to make the layout clearer.

This is a sealed cooktop which means food and gunk don't get down into the unit. There was no job in the kitchen that used to be quite so annoying as taking the cooktop apart to clean under the burners before. No more of that. The burners themselves are solid brass and can be fully disassembled for very easy and quick cleaning.

The unit comes with heavy pot pot rests to go above the burners. Two of the rests cover two burners each and one covers a single. The arrangement of burners is two on the left, two on the right and one in the back middle.

On top and in the center front are the controls. This was a major issue and was the reason that the folks ended up with a 5 instead of 6 burner set up. Mom wanted the controls on top where they would not get bumped and would not be as accessible if there were children in the kitchen. The controls are arranged to match the lay out of the burners. For this reason, it's easy to tell which control goes to which burner.

The unit has a spark ignition rather than a pilot light. Since there is no need for a constant flame to light the unit, it uses less natural gas. It also has something which I love called "Perma Flame Instant Reignition." What this means is that if you are cooking on a low temperature and the flame goes out, the cooktop will restart it automatically and at the same level as before. This is great when cooking soups or stews for a very long time at a very low temp.

On the low/slow cooking topic, the unit also ships with a simmer plate which allows you to cook even slower. Optional items available with the unit that mom didn't opt for include a griddle and a wok ring.

The overall dimensions of the cooktop are 36" Wide x 21" Deep. It comes in black, white and stainless steel finishes. The folks chose black which looks really smart.

Having lived with this kitchen a while, there are things mom might change. Not the cooktop, however. She loves it. It cooks fast and even. Cleanup is easy. It looks great. The big burner offers speed and power for cooking quick. The double pot rests mean that she can put her biggest steamer over two burners at once if she has to, and yet it handles small and delicate stuff well, too.

If you're redoing a kitchen and have the ability to buy this unit, I can't recommend it strongly enough. My mother spends hours playing in her kitchen every day, and she loves it. When I can get in to use it, I love it too.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 1100

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