Whirlpool LDR3822HQ Electric Portable Dryer Reviews
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Whirlpool LDR3822HQ Electric Portable Dryer

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Apr 13, 2009 (Updated Apr 14, 2009)
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Pros:Sturdy, lightweight, works as well as could be expected.

Cons:Seriously overpriced, nearly has the market to itself.

The Bottom Line: If you have to have a portable, this is probably the best one.

Unfortunately, this is not a competitive market.  In the range of 120v portable dryers that you might find in town, it's this or the identical Kenmore.  Fortunately, they're probably the best ones.

It's possible to order Haier and other foreign brands, but they usually claim an 1,100 watt heater, which would be slower than this one.  Getting service parts would surely involve a wait (standard appliance stores would have Whirlpool/Kenmore parts), as would accessories like stacking shelves.

This model has a 1,400w heater.  I'll admit that is feeble.  It's less than a hair dryer, but that's because there has to be some capacity left to drive the drum motor.  The drum is quite a bit smaller than an ordinary dryer.  Portable washers have smaller capacity, and it's a good match for them.

Drying time on the automatic setting is acceptable.  It varies from about 50 minutes for regular knit clothes only to about 90 minutes if towels or jeans are involved.  I think that's certainly acceptable, and not really worse than big dryers.  Granted, big dryers would take care of a small load faster, but it's similar to the time required for "1 load."  I have found that the automatic setting works well and have not used the timed setting for anything other than making sure it worked.

Appearance wise, it looks like a little dryer.  Neither plus nor minus there.  The controls are simple and effective, but it lacks the temperature choices of big dryers.

Appliance stores and Sears often have the stack shelf for this which I recommend.  The dryer only weighs about 50 lbs and is quite easy to smurf up onto the shelf, which is sturdy and safe.  That also makes it easier to get at the inconvenient lint screen at the back of the drum.  You have to take said screen apart, which isn't the most convenient design.  They've been making this model for years with little competition, so I don't see them changing that design.  I would prefer a rigid screen just inside the door like big Whirlpool dryers have.

It seems built tough for the task.  Portable stuff has to be moved a lot and actually has to be very sturdy to take this.  It's built just as well using parts that are just as good as other Whirlpool appliances.  It should last for years.  That said, it's not too heavy for one person to deal with easily on its wheels, and I put it on the stacking shelf by myself.

It measures about 24" wide, 22" deep, and 31" tall.  The stacking shelf sets it forward a few inches when the shelf is scooted to the wall.  This is enough room to allow a 90 degree vent pipe to be attached to the exhaust.

Lastly, I must say something about the cost.  I bought mine used, and paid a paltry $35.  However the new price for this item is about $500, which is silly high.  They take advantage of the lack of competition in this market and raise the price.  $500 would buy a large and fancy 220v dryer from any normal brand.  Whirlpool's own $500 220v dryers have double the drum size of this one, 5 temperatures, and a drum light.  I've always been impressed with my Whirlpool and Whirlpool-built Kenmore appliances.  I feel like they're overcharging in this category.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 35

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