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May Be Powerful But So Are The Cost of Repairs

Jun 1, 2000
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Pros:Powerful suction, self propelling motor, Hepa filter

Cons:constantly breaking, very costly, very heavy, a lot of extras you will never use

We bought our first Kirby Vacuum in 1986. We were a young couple, expecting our first child in a few months. The Kirby salesman came to our door and totally impressed us at the time! He was a good looking Frenchman with a gorgeous accent that made him seem very authoritative. He made it seem that if we didnít buy a Kirby then our baby would
suffer catastrophic breathing problems later in life.

All parents want only the best for their children and new parents seem somewhat neurotic about it. I now own the set of encyclopedias my mom bought me when I was 6 months old from a door to door salesman. She wanted the best learning tools for me because I was highly intelligent! :)

So it isnít surprising that we bought the Kirby vacuum even though it cost us $1,200.00 that we didnít have. (We were young and starving) The Kirby people set us up on a payment plan that lasted years it seems. But the health benefits we would all receive from the reduction of dusts and germs in our carpet and air was going to out weigh all the expense! The Kirby sales people will sure find your weak spot and try to convince you that you can't live with out their vacuum.

We have now had that Kirby for 14 years and it is still as powerful as the day we bought it. I would like to have a new vacuum because ours looks old and beat up. I have had the salesman come over to demonstrate and clean my carpets with the new Gsix. It is basically the same as my old Kirby except it has the new Hepa filter bag. My old Kirby has all of the same attachments as the new Gsix. The only attachment that we ever use
is the hose attachment that turns it into the canister mode. We vacuum our tile floors and walls, drapes and ceiling fans with it. My entire house is tile except for the bedrooms so the hose attachment with the vacuum end is awesome. I think that the carpet cleaning device is a pain and only used it a few times. I believe I sold that attachment at a garage sale some years back. It really never was as easy as the salesman made it seem. The attachments are difficult to change and it didnít clean as well when I tried it. There was a sticky residue left on my carpet.

Our Kirby is powerful and has kept our home dirt and dust free for years but it hasnít been with out expense. The initial investment is not the only expense we encountered. We have had the fan replaced two times at $90.00 a shot. The first time it broke I sucked up a quarter that was hidden under a bed spread and the second time my son (who was four) sucked up a nickle on purpose. The vacuum is so powerful it can pick up a heavy coin and shoot it through the hose until it crashes into the fan.

Other repairs: We have bought a new cord that had worn down at the connection area for $25.00. We replaced the roller bar for about $25.00 it was worn out. The on/off switch has quit working three times and cost $40.00 each time. The interior hose cracked and that cost 25.00. The bag has broken off the handle 3 times, 5.00 each time to repair.

Lets see...that comes to $390.00 in repairs. Plus we paid $1,200.00 for it ( I donít remember how much in interest we paid, but lets say $100.00). Sales tax on the 1,200.00 was about 6% at the time so that was $72.00. So over the life of the vacuum (which is 14 years so far) we have spent $1,762.00. That is a little outrageous if you think about it!

Was it worth it? I am not sure. I do love the vacuum, it does have a powerful suction that has kept our carpets clean. You donít have to go back and forth over sections of carpet for missed debris. The other plus is the motor has a self propelling mechanism that moves it easily along the carpet. This came in handy when I was pregnant and could not push or pull anything heavy.

Ease of use is minimum for this vacuum. I hate taking off the front part and attaching the hose mechanism for the canister mode. I also hate having to take the vacuum in for repairs which has happened at least once or twice a year. It is a very heavy vacuum which makes lifting it difficult. I would not recommend this vacuum for a house with stairs. At least when I take it in for repair I can buy my bags which are only available at a Kirby dealer, another problem in my book.

When all is said and done I donít think I would buy another Kirby vacuum again. That is why when the salesperson came out and demonstrated the Kirby Gsix our answer was a big fat no!

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