GE Smooth Cook-Top Electric Range - No Spill Problems in My House

Aug 27, 2006
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Pros:smooth cook-top, accurate cooking in the oven, easy to use, easy to clean

Cons:glass cook-top can get scratched or damaged

The Bottom Line: I was sold on smooth-top ranges years ago and this model from GE is an affordable choice for all.

When we bought our new house, I knew I wanted a smooth-top range. I was really happy with the range we’d purchased for our house in new York and wanted the same benefits I’d enjoyed with my old one. Since I was making the purchase through the builder, the smooth-top range which came for my home was the GE Smooth Cook-Top Electric Range model JBP66.


The main feature I like about my GE Smooth Cook-Top Electric Range is of course the cook-top itself. It’s smooth ceramic glass. This means when anything spills on the stove, whether it’s from boiling over or another source, there’s no place for it to go down into the burners. When the top is cool, it can also serve as part of my counter-top.

The burners consist of four circles of two different sizes which light up when in use. My old range in New York had an indicator in the surface showing me which of the burners was still registering as hot, something that’s missing on this model. The ceramic glass doesn’t damage easily, but it can be broken and care should be taken not to use certain products on it such as cast iron which can scratch it. Jiffy-Pop is also a no-no since it has the potential to scratch the cook-top.

The oven is really nice. It’s a very large size and holds about five cubic feet. I really liked being able to fit my turkey inside the roasting pan in the oven last Thanksgiving without having to remove all of the shelves. This also gave me room for the baked potatoes to cook alongside it. I can only fit one of my cookie sheets at a time on the shelves, but with two shelves I usually have enough room.

The oven of the GE Smooth Cook-Top Electric Range features a TrueTemp system to keep the oven very accurate in baking and broiling temperatures. The oven is also self-cleaning. I’ve used that feature a few times and haven’t noticed much ash in the bottom following a cleaning, and the oven most definitely is clean! The cycle doesn’t take too long. I can leave the metal shelves in while the oven is cleaning, although it is cautioned that this will eventually cause them to discolor and possibly wear.

The drawer below the oven holds some of my pans that I can’t fit in my kitchen cabinets. They don’t seem to heat up down there which is a good thing.


The control panel on the GE Smooth Cook-Top Electric Range is above the cook top at the rear of the range. I like this since it makes it pretty near impossible for the little hands that are around my house to reach up and turn on the cook top or oven. Four knobs can be rotated to control the cook-top as needed. These are pretty clearly labeled for use.

The clock is a digital LED and is also the display for the oven. The oven is controlled by a touch-panel. When starting a cycle, the default temperature is 350. I can change it up or down in increments of five degrees. I have never had to cook something at 385, but it’s nice to know I can if I could. Imagine the recipe books that could be re-written if every oven featured this!

I like the feature of a cook timer which will automatically shut the oven off at the end of the cooking time I set. This makes it really easy to put something in the oven and walk away. I don’t have to worry about getting distracted and missing the end of the cooking cycle, or going outside the house and not hearing the alarm that the timer has counted down.


Spills on the cook-top clean up with a sponge or paper towel. If it’s still hot it’s a bit more difficult. There’s a lip around the edge of the cook-top which keeps all but the worst spills from dribbling down the sides of the GE Smooth Cook-Top Electric Range. When the glass cook-top gets really marked up, I have a white, wax-like cleaner that I use on it. I simply rub it on, let it dry, then rub it off. This gets out all but the worst burnt-on marks. Even those have disappeared after several cleanings. A scraper was included with the range, but I never needed it and it’s buried in a drawer somewhere in my kitchen.

The front door of the oven comes off if I want to clean that. I did this once when my husband spilled eggs down the front and they went into the oven vents which are located on the door. The surface of the door, including the window into the oven, can be easily cleaned with any multi-purpose cleaner.


The GE Smooth Cook-Top Electric Range comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor. I am just about at the end of that time now and I’ve had no problems with it at all. I think it’s a great smooth-top stove in this price range and anyone who purchases it or gets it with a new home will be pleased. I really like the fact that the spills for the most part are confined to the cook-top so when pots boil over - a frequent occurance in our busy home - I don't have to worry about a huge mess to clean up.

This range makes cooking really easy, even when mishaps occur. It's easy for anyone to use or to learn to use. My kids use it to cook and bake and make meals without getting hurt by an open flame which is a huge plus for me. The only incident we've had occurred when one of the kittens jumped up on it before the burners have cooled. However, the kitten wasn't supposed to be up here and she's never jumped up on the stove again. Her paws healed fine.

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