Class Action lawsuit against Calypso

Feb 16, 2005 (Updated Feb 16, 2005)
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Our washer is not even a year old. Within two months of our purchasing this washer it started dumping water on the floor, causing significant floor damage. Sears first told us we should only use HE wash soap. But it kept dumping water on occasion. It also would catch clothes in the rubber seal. Now the washer has completely quit working, it will not drain and wont run at all. Sears couldnt send anyone out until almost a week later. He supposedly fixed it and told me I couldnt wash bath mats in the washer as that ruins the pump. He left, I ran one load of wash and guess what, it still doesnt work. Called Sears again, and was told they couldnt get anyone out for another week.

In doing some research, I have learned there is a Class Action Lawsuit against Sears for this very same Whirlpool Calypso. The complaints the lawsuit is based are exactly what is wrong with our washer. The webpage for the lawsuit is We have joined.

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