Funky smell/brown gunk

Jan 25, 2007 (Updated Jan 25, 2007)
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Thanks for the reviews - I feel vindicated! We bought our Calypso in August of '03 and have not had any mechanical issues yet. However, every time I go in my laundry room, I smell something funky like mildew and I now know I'm not going crazy - it's my Calypso washer! I also have a problem with brown gunk that collects up under the rim of the tub. If I don't clean it out on a regular basis, it gets on my clothes and then I have to wash them again! The only remedy - and it's short term at best - is to run the washer empty on the whitest white cycle with bleach and detergent. Additionally, I can no longer use the fabric softener dispenser because it got clogged and gunked up.

It's really annoying and frustrating!

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