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Brinkmann 810-5290-C Electric All-in-One

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Jun 21, 2000
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Pros:Resonable Price-on sale, delicious flavor, ease of use

Cons:Clean-up, takes awhile!

The Smoked turkey was Delicious! We got up at 6AM to start the eleven-pound bird and by 3PM, we had a beautiful, dark brown smoked turkey to share with our family. The Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill is a dream to use.

I purchased this beautiful RED VERTICAL SMOKER from K-Mart last year during an end of the season sale. I put it aside for a Christmas gift for my husband, who has wanted one for some time. My brother Dick has the same model and uses it all the time. Dick is a great cook --- so I value his recommendation. I purchased a few extras, but the smoker was pretty much ready to go when Bud decided to make a smoked turkey for Mother's Day.

Vertical Smokers' space saving design and affordability make them the most popular and commonly used smokers. You can cook up to 50 pounds of food at one time, but as "empty nesters", I doubt if we will be smoking that much meat at one time. I choose the electric over the charcoal as a heat source because smoking is accomplished by slow, steady heat and charcoal is not as easy to control the temperature.


1. The red domed lid sits on top of a cylindrical body approximately 16 inches in diameter and 30-42 inches in height.
2. Some assembly is required, but I did most of that myself. Directions are clear and diagrams are included.
3. The smoker body has a handy side access door to easily check the water level or whatever is cooking in the mid section.
4. Two 15 1/2" Chrome Cooking Grills that can be used in several configurations. One sits high within the unit ---- which is where we placed our turkey.
5. Porcelain Water Pan for your herbs and marinades.
6. A base pan and a lava rock pan encompass the heating element.
7. The heat source is an electric element attached to a heavy-duty electrical cord equipped with a three-prong plug for proper grounding.
8. A bag of lava rocks was included to disperse the heat evenly and vaporize the drippings for delicious barbecue flavor.


The electric element is located at the base of the smoker body. Aromatic flavoring woods or herbs are placed on or near the heat source to produce smoke. Directly above the heat source is a pan containing water or flavored marinade, which becomes steam as the liquid heats. This steam marinade combines with smoke to naturally tenderize and flavor the food. This vertical smokers has two grills, one positioned above the other, each capable of holding about 25 lbs. of food. A large turkey and a large roast can be smoked at the same time. The aromatic smoke and steam baste the food while the indirect heat slowly cooks the food. The result is the most delicious, succulent food you will ever taste, with no added fat or calories. I say no fat or calories, because we did not eat the skin. Although it was basted, it was hard and leathery. For grilling only, use only the base unit and the dome lid.


1. After washing the bird, we put some slices of onion, a few stalks of celery and a bay leaf inside. We mixed a bit of salt, pepper and a little Liquid Smoke and placed it between the breast skin. You can loosen this skin with your hands. Painted the turkey with butter and placed it on the top shelf.
2. For smoking, we placed the turkey on the top grill and filled the water pan with water, "cheap" wine, bay leaves, and orange slices.
3. Wood chips were soaked for an hour and wrapped in perforated aluminum foil. These must be replaced approximately every two-three hours.
4. After three - four hours, check the water level and baste with a mixture of melted butter, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt & water.
5. The eleven-pound turkey was done in eight and one half-hours.


1. Aluminum insulating wrap, with opening to access side door --- designed for this model. This helps to keep the heat in and the cold out. In Wisconsin, you can have four seasons in one day. An extra insulating wrap seemed like a good idea.

2. Since Dick keeps his vertical Brinkmann Smoker covered when not in use, I also purchased a black plastic cover to keep the smoker clean and to prolong its life. The Brinkmann Smoke 'N Jacket Vertical Smoker Cover runs $20, but I bought a generic brand from K-Mart for much less money.

3. A can of "Pam for the Grill" for easy cleanup.

4. Brinkmann's Preferred Customer Club. Mail in the membership form for a free lifetime membership. Orders are shipped without paying the shipping and handling fees and other promotions.

5. A bag of Smoking Wood Chips to add flavor. Experiment by using chunks sticks or chips of flavor producing wood such as hickory pecan, apple, cherry or mesquite. (Do not use pine.) I used wet hickory chunks for the turkey and we wrapped them in aluminum foil and placed on the lava rocks.

6. A meat thermometer.

We were sooooooooooooo pleased with the taste and flavor of this turkey! It was simply delicious! You can reach Brinkmann at 1-800-468-5252; their products are popular and sold at many department stores.

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