Barbecue Master Gives Weber Kettle the Thumbs Up

Oct 11, 2009
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Pros:Can't beat a Weber kettle for charcoal grilling.


The Bottom Line: Don't buy a knock off kettle. Weber kettle charcoal grills really are the very best.

Before I became the Barbecue Master online and put up my own grilling web site – Yes You Can Grill – to help others get in the grilling groove, I was a Weber girl. As Grill Girl on my site, I’m still a huge Weber fan. They simply make great grills and have super customer service.

I got the Weber 22 incher (22.5 inches actually), because the 18 incher which was my first nice grill after college was a tad small. I gave the smaller one away after over 15 years of use, and it still grilled great. The only issue was a cracked wooden handle (they are now some type of high tech plastic), and the only reason that got cracked was because I managed to let the grill blow out of the back of a pick up truck. That’s a great grill that handle that and hardly any damage.

My Weber 22 inch kettle is black. They offer fashion colors most every year, so you  never know when you may be able to get the color you covet. Jump on it. I don’t recall a specific color running more than one season.

Besides being so durable, Weber grills work great. The kettle shape is very forgiving. You have wonderful heat circulation as well as some distance between the charcoal and the cooking grate. For beginners charcoal grillers (and great grillers too), I always say, “You can’t go wrong with a Weber kettle grill.” They are simply made well and are simple to master.

The lid makes a Weber a nice convection grill a well. Fire up and sear the meat. Add the lid to finish off to the desired doneness. Very simple.

The vents are well made and give good circulation for start up along with the bottom grate which lifts the charcoal a bit for the air to get under. For flares, close down the vents to quickly cap the fire. And, use the vents to adjust for a really wide range of grilling temperatures. Offset the charcoal and add charcoal as needed, and the Weber kettle can even double as a smoker for low and slow. Now, that does take a bit more skill, but it’s definitely doable.

The weight on the Weber’s is low which is nice if you need or want to move them around. The have wheels on one side and handles, so tilt and drag. Very easy except for lifting for steps and so on.

The 18 inch (which is hard to find now) really worked a bit better for me as far as moving the grill around. I’m only 5 foot 4 inches, so 22 inches is a bit much for any lifting, although I can do it. Mostly, the boys handle any moving. The old 18 incher, I could handle a little better (my arms fit around better), but the trade off is more grilling space which we do need around here.

This is the Weber silver model, and the difference between that and the gold is that the gold has an ash catcher and costs more. I don’t mind taking the little open metal pan out and dumping it, but the gold is a little easier on that, since the ashes are contained. If that matters to you, then the extra cost may be worth it. Basically, the grills are the same otherwise though, so give that some thought.

After many years with Weber Kettles, I can say that they are sure hard to beat, and it’s no wonder they are the best selling charcoal grills in the world. The design on the charcoal kettle is great and very easy to use – even for beginners. The Weber’s last a real long time. And, the Weber- Stephen company is terrific. I really don’t know what they could do to improve. Maybe drive out and do the grilling (-: But, that’s about it on that. So, feel safe is you’re thinking about a charcoal grill and looking at Weber.   

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