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Weber Smokey Joe Gold Charcoal Grill

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Can't Say Enough About My Smokey Joe

Jun 20, 2001
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Pros:Very durable, perfect for what it was meant for.

Cons:For the money and years of service I really can't complain.

The Bottom Line: I have had mine for almost 12 years and it still looks and works great.

Itís kind of funny because I can almost swear that I wrote a review on this product a long, long time ago and yet I can not seem to find it anywhere. So I guess it no longer exists or maybe I just though I wrote it but did not. Oh well, any ways.

For the first few years of our marriage my husband and I lived in a small two bedroom quad town home. We had what was called the penthouse unit for some strange reason. Out unit was located on the top floor and was on top of the garages. There fore we had a small balcony but no patio space or yard of our own. In other words any land by our home was community land and not ours. So as you can see having a large grill was pretty much out of the question. We did however own a little Smokey Joe Grill which was just perfect for the two of us.

Product Information

The Little Smokey Joe grill is the perfect size for a small balcony or patio. If I had to guess on the measurements say that it is about 14 Ĺ inches around. And yes they are circular shaped. Their small size also makes them perfect for potable uses such as camping or picnicking. Of course you will need to make sure that the grill is clean before you travel with it.

The Weber Smokey Joe is a Charcoal grill and is a smaller version of the Weber One Touch Silver Grill and is what I believe is described as a kettle grill. This means that it is round like a kettle and the bottom is deep and rounded. The lid is also rounded, slightly domed and sits evenly on the top of the grill. On the lid you will find a large protruding handle to lift the lid from the grill. This handle is the perfect size because it is spaced far enough from the grill so that you donít burn yourself when trying to lift it. There is also a little vent located on the lid that helps you to control the amount of smoke and also to allow you to choke out your fire when you are finished.

Would you believe that we once had a friend who bragged that he could barbecue very well take 3 hours to cook 3 steaks? It seems that this culinary genius did not realize that you have to have the vent opened if you wish to cook My husband after waiting a long time and checking on what was going on noticed the problem, and finally the vent was opened and the steaks were cooked. Unfortunately our expensive steaks tasted like lighter fluid. YUK! But that is not the grills fault.

The located inside of the kettle is the grill grate, and it can hold up to four small hamburgers or chicken breasts and about three steaks. But with careful placement you may be able to squeeze an extra on.

Besides the vent at the top you will also find an adjustable vent in the cooking pit of the grill. Underneath you will find a little metal plate type thing that will catch any charcoal or ashes that may fall down underneath the grill.

As for the price you can usually find these for under $30.00 and you can get them on sale even cheaper. I think the price is very reasonable for the power that this little thing has.

Quality and Durability

Well the Smokey Joe does what it was meant to do. When you throw your food on that little grill you know that our food is going to come out exactly the way you want it to. Unless youíre a brilliant chef like my friend, LOL. But seriously for its small size this little grill does a wonderful job of barbecuing.

As for its durability. I can only say that it is amazing. We got the grill shortly after we got married 12 years ago. And it has even sat out a couple of winters and it still looks and works amazingly. Of course we have upgraded to a slightly larger grill now, but we just did that last year. So for 11 years this was our only grill. And it has been used quite a bit over the years. This grill has amazed me with the way it is still as good as new after all these years. I can not say enough about the quality of this little grill. When it came time to buy a larger grill we could have gone for one of those expensive fancy grills but instead we purchased the larger grill that looks and works almost identically as the Weber Smokey Joe. I have seen many of our friends having to replace their grills every few years, but if our big grill is anything like our Smokey Joe we should be set for at least the next ten years and perhaps even longer. It just goes to show that sometimes simplicity is the best value.

Easy Cleaning

This grill is so easy to clean and takes practically no effort at all to disassemble to clean. It is small enough that you could wash it n the kitchen sink if you need to. And of course grill can be washed in the dish water after you finish washing the dishes and then put right back.


I love the Smokey Joe I can not say enough good things about it. If you are a camper, or a town home owner, or owner of any type of home with limited out door space this is the perfect little grill for you. It is also the perfect grill for those who donít have a whole lot of mouths to feed, but still enjoy a good BBQ meal

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