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Weber Smokey Joe Gold Charcoal Grill

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Smokey Joe -- Great For Small Picnics

Jul 2, 2001
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Pros:small enough to throw it in the trunk, solid construction

Cons:not big enough for a full scale BBQ

The Bottom Line: Smokey Joe is a miniature charcoal grill that can help you feed about 2-10 people good old-fashioned BBQ!

If you're looking for a gas grill, you can always trust the folks at Weber for quality. The Genesis Series is a great place to start when you're buying the outdoor BBQ grill for a family. But Weber has other models that can work for you if you either don't like/trust gas or don't have the scratch for a big grill right now.

The Smokey Joe is a small grill that can serve the BBQ needs of a small family. It's sturdily made, with the trademark black iron globe of the bigger Webers, and base of stainless steel legs. The grilling surface of the Smokey is about 15" in diameter. The grill is small, about 12" high and about 15" across. It can fit in your trunk easily, or even in the back seat of your car.

In order to use the Smokey Joe, you'll need to know how to pack the grill with charcoal. I normally use Kingsford charcoal, and I arrange the briquettes in a pyramid. The Smokey Joe lets you pry off the grilling surface and place the charcoal on the base of its globe area. To light the Smokey, I use a very small amount of lighter fluid, and I use newspaper as kindling, lighting the paper first and letting that catch the fluid. The fire needs to burn for about 10 minutes to really get the coals hot enough to cook.

After you get the grill lit, you need to make sure to place the grilling surface back on top of the fire. The flames should just lick the tines of the grill surface. You can then load it up with your BBQ feast.

Although the grill is small, the size that really matters is the amount of cooking surface that you have. Because the Weber is circular, it maximizes the area available for this purpose. It's large enough for a whole pack of hotdogs or 10 regular size hamburger patties at the same time. It can also handle a regular sized steak, although cooking time may be a bit longer than normal sized grills. Chicken breasts cook in about 20 minutes, according to my experience. One important tip is to keep the grill covered to let the heat circulate over the food.

Cleanup is a relative snap. The grill has grates at the bottom of the globe. After you've cooked, and let the grill cool off, you can turn the grates to open, and let the charcoal dust fall out. I always use a fork or the butt of one of the bbq tools to open this, as the metal can remain deceptively hot for long periods after the grill has been extinguished.

The Smokey Joe is perfect for small get-togethers (less than 10 people). It's great for apartment dwellers with small decks. It doesn't take up any space in your garage or your car's trunk. It's also a great grill to use if you don't like the taste of gas grilled food, or you're not too keen about keeping a flammable container near the house. At about 29.95, Smokey is pretty cheap. As long as you get a nice hot fire and cover your food, the Smokey will help you make a great picnic BBQ!

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