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Weber Smokey Joe Gold Charcoal Grill

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Ole Faithful Weber Smokey Joe Silver Grill Never Lets Users Down!

Jul 11, 2002 (Updated Jul 12, 2002)
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Pros:Portable and convenient; grills very well and prepares tasty meals


The Bottom Line: If you are heading to college or are planning of being away from home-cooked meals for a long time, invest in of these Webers!

If my first introduction to B-B-cueing started in the back yard of my parents' home, my love for this American pastime activity grew when I was in college. When I was heading to college, my mother thought about sending me enough money to buy a Weber Smokey Joe Silver Grill for my birthday present. It was the best investment I could have ever made. Just imagine for an instant the many friends I will meet during the countless tailgate parties! A college student who knows how to barbecue is a star in his or her own way on campus! My roommate and I were great party givers with our little Weber Smokey in the background. Home games and away games were all great occasions to showcase our talents. What's more important was that we got tired of eating the cafeteria food, we hit our grill and prepare our meals. Ah, the memories of grilling on campus are now long gone!

Now that I have other grills, I have never gotten rid of the Smokey. Discarding it or giving it to a friend would be like throwing away too many good memories. A Weber lasts a lifetime. What have I learned from this grill over the years? Well, quite a few recipes and combinations of what ends up constituting great meals.

Using a Weber Smokey Joe is as easy as it can come

Just find the right spot to grill and throw some hot dogs, steak and corn on it.

If there is one remarkable feature of the Weber Smokey Joe Grill is its simplicity. You are ready to grill in a matter of a few minutes. Not only is the grill easy to assemble, it's also easy to cook with. All you need to do is to buy your bag of charcoal, place about half of it on the charcoal grate and get the fire started. By then, you may have already prepared, seasoned all your cooking items. Place them on the cooking grate. In a few moments, you will be ready to throw the steak or hot dogs on the grill. Once your meals are being cooked, you can check them from time to time to make sure they are cooking well. The lid is designed to keep you from burning your fingers. Just lift it off and monitor your meat. It's equipped with air vents.

Is it easy to clean?

I have never had any problems with the Smokey Joe. I have made it a habit to clean it as soon as the grates cool off. This way, the food particles won't grow so defiant and hard. The earlier, the better! goes the saying. Since the Smokey is just a small grill, there is not much to worry about while cleaning. Everything is just as accessible to reach as it is to set it up. Maybe the longevity of this grill lies in the fact it has been well maintained over the years. I have never had to replace any parts. They all function just like the first day I pulled it out of the box and assembled it. A little bowl at the bottom collects the ashes and any mess you can make there.

Where can I use the Smokey?

Wherever you want to. I have used it on the porch of my apartment on campus. I have prepared Shish Kebab on the beach, the front and back porch, driveway and garage. I have even used it at a construction site one hot Summer. Its portability makes the perfect working man's cooking ware. There is no reason not to take it with you on national trips. If you don't want to carry it around, just drop by the local store and grab one. A friend of mine even used one during his honeymoon in the Caribbean. It was quite a surprise for his new wife. He told me that he had the best time on the beach. Salty water has something to do with causing hunger. It makes you want to consume any grilled thing available right there and then. I guess you got my point. This is one little Weber you can do so much with. You can use it anywhere you want.


This Weber is a good investment for anybody who is on the go. You can always load it up on the back of your truck and hit the road. If you are a cowboy or a field worker, you can make great use of this grill.

Good luck grilling this Summer season!

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