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Black & Decker SC400 2 Cups Food Processor

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Mar 8, 2000 (Updated Mar 9, 2000)
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Pros:Easy to use; easy to store; easy to clean

Cons:Some pre-cutting of food may be needed

I love my Black & Decker 2 Speed Super Chopper! Not only is it easy to use and easy to store, it's kind of fun to use too! I love to cook and before I had children, it didn't matter if I spent hours chopping foods for a recipe. Now though, I just don't have the time and I noticed I was beginning to shy away from recipes that involved a lot of chopping. Even on recipes that didn't involve a lot of chopping, if you don't get the ingredients chopped small enough, it can ruin the whole texture and consistency of your dish.

My husband bought me the Black & Decker 2 Speed Super Chopper about a year ago. I must admit that it was not love at first sight (with the chopper I mean!). Privately, I hoped he had saved his receipt for it. It looked too small to do even a passable job and I figured I would have to stop it every few seconds to dig out chunks of food that got wedged under the blade. I could not have been more wrong!

This little machine is VERY powerful! I have used it to chop all kinds of things -- onions, carrots, potatoes, peppers -- I even use it to make my own breadcrumbs. My daughter, a very picky eater, cannot detect vegetables in certain recipes if I run them through the chopper first. It's also great for making baby foods. My husband especially likes how finely it chops onions for hot dogs. He says it reminds him of the way they serve hot dogs at the ballpark.

The Black & Decker 2 Speed Super Chopper is durable. The pieces are made of thick plastic and they can take a pounding. They are also dishwasher-safe, which makes clean ups a snap too.

The only "drawback" is that you have to pre-cut most foods before putting them into the chopper. I know, I know -- you are saying, "Well, what's the point then of buying a chopper if you have to pre-cut the food before using it?" Well, have you ever tried to manually cut food into pieces smaller than the nail on your little toe? Believe me, I'd rather spend 20 seconds pre-cutting a bowl of veggies than a half-hour mincing them!

The chopper has two speeds -- fast and ultra-fast -- depending on how coarsely you want your item chopped. The chopper will not activate if all the parts are not on properly (e.g. the lid has to be closed tightly, the blade has to be inserted all the way, etc.).

Storing this little dream is easy too. It will fit into any size kitchen -- no matter how pressed for space you may be.

In my opinion, the Black & Decker 2 Speed Super Chopper is an excellent machine for someone who likes to cook ... and for someone who doesn't!

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