Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews

Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 Computerized Sewing Machine

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Auto Pilot Serging - The Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 Serger

Feb 14, 2006
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Pros:Computerized for easy settings, versatile, cover stitch

Cons:a little intimidating at first for a non professional.....

The Bottom Line: This is a great little serger with multiple functions of many other machines all in one.

The Huskylock 936

I need a computer to tell me what to do………………………….:

I don’t sew a ton, but I have been sewing for over ten years and I like to have the right tools around when I feel like it. Lately, with the many episodes of Project Runway on the television, both my daughter and I have gotten in the mood! This is the serger I chose to replace my first one for a number of reasons. I do not need to worry about different settings for different fabrics (and this is something I have never bothered to learn correctly anyway). I like the fact that it is pretty much auto pilot for everything I use this machine for. In addition, the Husqvarna does a nice cover stitch that my other serger does not do.

Out of the box – smells like a brand new car…………………………………………….

In addition to an instructional video and manual, this machine comes with a wrench, tweezers, thread net, cleaning brush, oil, spool adapter, a two thread converter, needles, and an adjustable multipurpose foot which adjusts between .5 and 1 mm. This cool serger uses standard sewing machine needles for additional convenience.

Using the Huskylock …………………………………….

The Huskylock 936 is easy to thread because of the color coded guide and easy lay in tensions. It took me a couple tried the first few times, but is pretty easy now as long as I use tweezers to pull the threads through. It also has a thread cutter and TWO lights for easier visibility. There are so many nice things about this machine in comparison to others I have used. The turn wheel turns towards you and the needles always ends in the up position. It can easily feed larger stacks of fabric through it and the feeding mechanism itself is very consistent and even.

This machine is pretty simple to use once you get going, although I will admit to being completely intimidated the first time I sat down in front of it. The Huskylock 936 is a five thread serger and can perform a number of stitches. It has a computerized sewing advisor that with a little input can help get the settings exactly right! You can also tweak the settings it chooses if you want to choose your own. You can sew with five, four, three, or two threads depending on what you want to do. I tend to mostly use the machine with four threads for basic overcasting, but have also played around with some of the decorative stitching options.

It has an expansive reprogrammable memory with both preset stitches (sixteen!) as well as room for your own additions (up to fifty – which I will never fill up). The machine can instantly do a very nice rolled hem without having to change a foot or plate. This is a pretty nice feature for making napkins or doing a quick finished edge. There is also a nifty rolled lettuce edge that literally looks like a heirloom specialty piece.

As mentioned above, this machine was the choice because of the ability to do a cover stitch when my other serger could not. It can do a single, double or triple cover stitch! In order to do the cover stitch, the plate and foot do need to be changed. It is sort of a hassle, but this is still a good option to have at this price point, and the professional looking finish is pretty cool.

Lastly -

The Huskylock 936 has many accessories available for different functions including a bias tape folding foot, an elastic foot, a pearl foot (to apply beading on the edge!!!), and a piping foot. It really is an unending world of possibilities with this machine.

Even if you only sew occasionally like I do, it is so nice to have a machine that is overall very easy to use and that finishes off pieces professionally. I enjoy sewing on a serger far more than a traditional sewing machine because of flexibility, plus I don’t run out of bobbin thread because it doesn’t use any.

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