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Black & Decker TRO1000 Toaster Oven

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I miss my old one!

Jul 22, 2002 (Updated Jul 22, 2002)
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Pros:Mini toaster over pans available

Cons:Doesn't seem to toast well

The Bottom Line: With so many toaster ovens on the market, don't disappoint yourself on this one. It does what it needs to do, barely.

I had never used a toaster oven before I met my husband. He must have bought this Black and Decker toaster oven in the early 90s when he went off on his own for the first time and he made everything in it - nachos, pizza bread, toast, reheated leftovers, etc. I really got into making stuff in the toaster oven and it was very nice to be able to have crisp left overs and to make cheese breads, as well as toast larger items like muffins. For some reason when we moved, we decided to leave this oven behind and buy a new one for our new home.

The new toaster oven just doesn't compare to the old one. Granted, we've barely had it a month, but it definitely isn't love at first sight for me, unlike our other toaster oven.

My biggest complaint is that this toaster oven doesn't toast! I don't like my bread charred, but I don't like it barely warm, either, and that seems to be my two choices. I'm still trying to figure out that perfect combination of light/medium/dark/top brown, because if I only choose one, I don't get what I want. The "dark" option doesn't toast very dark (unless you hit the button twice, then the toast gets burned) and the "top brown" option appears to only toast the bottom of the bread.

The next point is a minor one - appearance. The Black & Decker Electronic Toast-R-Oven Broiler TRO1000 just doesn't look like a $40 machine. The button and dials seem flimsy and the shade of gray seems outdated. I felt that our 10 year old model had more substance to it.

My last gripe with the Black & Decker Toaster Oven is the the "user interface" of the oven. Not only do the dials and the button seem flimsy, but they don't line up with the labels. If you picture the face of a clock, the light toast feature is at 9:00, the medium is at 12:00, dark at 3:00 and top brown at 4:00. However, the dial only rotates from just past 9:00 to 3:00 - it won't point to top brown at all. The oven temperature dial will at least rotate to all of the temperature options, but it needs to be forced a little to go into broil. And I really hate the push button that turns on the toast feature. It's just waiting for me to push it one day and have my finger slip and snap my nail off - and I don't even wear my nails very long! Plus it took me a couple of burned pieces of toast to figure out that you have to open the toaster oven door to shut off the toast feature. I spent some time fiddling with dials and pushing the toast button before I figured that out. I don't remember that being an issue in my old toaster oven.

The Black & Decker Electronic Toast-R-Oven Broiler TRO1000 isn't all bad. It does a nice job baking things and reheating left overs. I'm sending away for the toaster oven sized cookware since I hate heating the big oven up for something small. I also like that I can completely remove the crumb tray. This will make it much easier to keep clean, something that was difficult in the older model.

Even those two nicer features aren't enough to save this oven. If I wasn't so lazy, I would have cleaned it out after the first use and returned it for another model. As it is now, I can only hope that a friend of family member is looking for a donated toaster oven in the near future.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 40

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