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Bunn B10 10 Cups Coffee Maker - White

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Nov 6, 2001 (Updated Oct 6, 2005)
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Pros:Coffee is extremely hot and ready in 3 minutes.

Cons:UPDATE: Bad Customer Service

The Bottom Line: Avoid Bunn.

I was Bunn's biggest supporter. If you read my original review I was in heaven with my new coffee maker.

A recall was issued on this coffee maker by Bunn. I, like everybody else that I have read about, was not completely happy with the way that Bunn was handling the recall.

The options were to send the unit back for repair free of charge, or replace the unit with a new unit. If I chose to replace the unit with a new unit I would have to pay $49.00+tax. Keep in mind that the unit was being recalled as a fire hazard.

Both options left the customer without a coffee maker for a couple of weeks. Although I wasn't happy about it, I decided to send my unit back for repair and avoid any cost. Plus, I hadn't had any trouble with my unit so why risk it with a whole new coffee maker? I would just let them replace the recalled parts. I waited and received my unit back about two weeks later.

When I opened the box, I immediately noticed that this was not my coffee maker. This coffee maker was very well used (or abused). The plastic on the bottom front had repetitive scrape marks from the decanter. Mine did not. There was dried on coffee (possibly from overflow or spillage)located in between the crack of the hot plate and the interior metal base of the coffee maker. It looked
like rust, but since some seeped through to the bottom of the coffee maker, I was able to take my nail and scrape it off to see what it was. My coffee maker did not have dried on coffee on it.

I contacted Bunn and was told that there was an easy way to tell if it was my unit or not. They wanted the date code on the bottom. I flipped the unit over and checked to see...Ah-ha...NO DATE CODE!! Mine had a date code. Bunn told me to send the unit back and they would have their engineers look at it to determine when it was manufactured and that would tell if it was my unit or not. I said, "That is not a problem, but are you saying that I have to pay to send a unit back to you when you mixed my unit up with someone else's"? She said, "Yes Ma'am because there is no way that we could have mixed up a unit being repaired. There is also no way for the unit to not have a date code unless someone took it off." The implication made me angry.

I told her that I have a problem having to pay to send it back when it was their mistake and that my unit definitely had a date code on it. She told me all that Bunn could do for me is what was already mentioned. But also added that all I am having to pay is the postage to send it back. If it is discovered that it isn't mine, they would send me a new unit.

Well that should make it all better. I've been without my coffee maker for a couple of weeks. Now, because of their mistake, I will be without it for a few more weeks while their engineers examine the unit. Then, after close examination, they will discover that this not my coffee maker.

Maybe they can swab the unit and compare the dried on coffee with samples that I will have to send them to prove what kind of coffee I use. Or maybe they can check for DNA on the coffee maker and compare it with my husband's or mine.

I guess for me this is a matter of principle. I do not feel that I should have to pay to send a product back to a company that sent me the wrong product. I also don't feel that I should be out of a coffee maker.

I am seriously considering to keep my money that I would use to send this one back and purchase a new coffee maker by another company. I did like this coffee maker, but for me, a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it.

Original Review:

My husband and I like a medium-full bodied, steaming hot cup of coffee. We were never happy with our Krups or Cuisinart coffee makers. I'm sure it was because they never truly got hot enough, the coffee was never very great. I read good reviews about the Bunn coffee makers on Epinions, told my husband about them, and we decided to try this 10 cup model for ourselves. Unbelievable! The coffee was so delicious. Our coffee was never this hot and the flavor was never as full bodied without being bitter. Since there is a reservoir of water that is always hot, it brews a 10 cup pot of restaurant quality coffee in three minutes! There is a sprayhead that sprays out the hot water making sure to saturate each and every ground of coffee. I actually think that I am able to use less coffee grounds because of the sprayhead. I wish we had purchased this coffee maker a long, long time ago! This specific model has a stainless steel reservoir on it that makes it classic looking on the counter. We have only had one problem with it. The filter area overflowed water and coffee grounds onto our counter. I called the company and was told that if you have softened water or use decaffinated coffee, you have to call for a replacement sprayhead (free of charge). We have softened water and we use Gevalia ground coffee which is ground exceptionally fine. While we were waiting for our new sprayhead to arrive, we tried Starbucks coffee, a different ground consistency. We didn't have any more 'floods'. If you are going to use a coffee like Gevalia, I suggest buying the whole bean and grinding it yourself to a medium consistency(as stated in the coffee maker instructions). This coffee maker may be a little on the pricey side, but in the long run we figure that we have saved a lot of money. No more coffee shop stops. We can now get that coffee shop taste and consistency at home and take it with us!

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