Not all it was 'cracked' up to be

Jul 6, 2006
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After having diligently researched the choices and determined this would be THE food processor for me, I fearlessly plunked down my money and carted the prize home to my kitchen for some serious slicing and dicing. I really loved the machine for awhile, but after about a year of light-to-medium use, I noticed the plastic bowl and lid were developing hairline cracks at the joint in front where they connect together. Eventually the plastic "tongue" on the lid broke off altogether. And then every now and then the buttons wouldn't work (motor wouldn't turn on)...which, as it got worse and worse, eventually drove me crazy. The fact that the bowl-to-lid connection point was such a poor design and broke was disappointing enough, but the switches going bad just did me in. Despite its positive aspects (perfect size, great power, easy to clean, versatility, and ease of use), I have to say that I have a negative lasting impression, and I'm going to give to KitchenAid a try next time around.

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