My favorite appliance ever!

Dec 7, 2007
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Pros:This machine does everything, quickly!

Cons:A little hard to figure out

The Bottom Line: BUY THIS MACHINE! I adore mine, its the single most used appliance I own!

I was given this Cuisinart as a gift from my mother. She said it would be the most important appliance I would ever own. I wasn't so sure... I couldn't get the stupid thing to work. Its got so many parts, its hard to use, and its just bulky.

Funny story... My dog got sick and I had to feed her pureed veggies as part of her diet. My dog wouldn't eat the whole pieces of veggies so I had to puree them with chicken broth so she would actually eat them. I had to learn how to use my food processor. I figured it out (it wasn't hard) and now I use this machine for everything.

My husband LOVES the cheese grader attachment. He said he will never cut his hands on the hand grader again. You really dont have to do anything, you take the grader attachment, cut the cheese into blocks and stick it in. I kid you not, 2 mins later you have graded cheese!

I use the chopper to make a perfect cole slaw. I use the chopper to make perfect pie crust. I chop onions.

Once I am finished. I throw everything in the dish washer and its good as new. This is the easiest machine to use (once you figure it out) and it will become a staple in your kitchen!

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