Money well spent, great mid-sized processor

May 16, 2008
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Pros:ease of use and cleaning, price

Cons:the size of the food chute create need for a few extra prep cuts.

The Bottom Line: Great mid-sized processor with a great price tag. Can easily handle any home cooking task. Money very well spent.

I bought this product because I was tired of slicing, dicing and shredding by hand. I also wanted to get into Once a Month Cooking (where you prepare a month’s worth of dishes in one day and freeze them for dinners throughout the month) and knew having a tool to make those tasks go much quicker would make a world of difference. I found it at a great price on Amazon with free shipping, too. That was about 4 years ago. I still use it on a regular basis, and honestly I have no idea how I managed without it before.

Assembly is very easy- the instruction manual explains how to put the bowl on and the blades very nicely. The lid attaches with a simple twist.

It has two ‘levels’ of power- pulse and on. I haven’t found a need for anything more. It is good, solid construction and is heavy enough that it is not sliding around the counter while you are trying to use it. It came with the s-blade for chopping, a slicing blade and a shredding blade.

It does an amazing job on everything I have tried in it- including slicing potatoes, shredding cheese, crushing croutons, and dicing onions and tomatoes. I have also used it to blend up egg yolks for deviled eggs, and even biscuit dough. The motor seems to withstand what I have thrown at it- mainly just the normal tasks done in a home kitchen.

Clean up is a breeze- everything but the base of it can go right in the dishwasher. The base can be just wiped down with a cloth. The blades are SHARP. Be careful with handling them especially if you choose to hand wash them. Storing the blades can be tricky- I just have them in a box where they stand blade down with the stem sticking up.

I have read reviews with having issues with liquid seeping. I do not have experience with using liquids in it, but I do recall the instructions being very clear on not putting any liquid in it over a certain level on the bowl. There is no seal on the lid that would prevent liquid from seeping out if you overfill it.

My only complaint is the size of the feed chute. But, it just means I have to cut the potato into fourths sometimes instead of half. Or the carrots have to be done in two batches instead of one. Neither are big deals to me. There have been times when the size is actually a benefit because, for example, the carrots or potatoes stay upright better and the slices are then more uniform.

I would definitely recommend this product and consider it to be money well spent.

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