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Cuisinart BFP-703 3 Cups Food Processor

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Jul 18, 2006
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Pros:Nice design. Saves Space in the cabinets. Works great when it works.

Cons:Broke after minimal usage. Parts are difficult to replace. Repair is expensive.

The Bottom Line: Do not buy this item. It is expensive to repair and the plastic gears break easily.

I got this as a gift about 4 years ago - so it's out of warranty. I rarely used it but when I did, it did the job. My main uses were to chop nuts or slice veggies in the food processor or to make drinks and smoothies in the blender. No hard use. I take very good care of my appliances and cooking equipment. At first I was thrilled to have a Cuisinart appliance - I was impressed. It worked fine and it worked quickly.

Okay, here's what happened. I can honestly say I have used this unit maybe 15 times - max. I got it out to use 2 weeks ago to make a vinegarette type salad dressing - this should have been a quick, easy thing to make. The motor was running but the blades weren't moving - how strange. I took the blender top off and examined it - it looked fine - then I looked at the base. The little wheel/gear type thing that the blender sits on and makes the blades turn was broken. A piece fell out of it. I tried to find a place to take it to fix it - I figured it shouldn't be hard to fix and it was practically brand new. Well, nobody - and I mean nobody in my area (Jacksonville, FL) fixes small appliances. So, I contacted an online parts dealer and paid $13.00 with shipping for the little wheel/gear. Got it and tried to figure out how to put it on - there was a small brass nut that originally came from the underside of the original gear that screwed onto the rod coming from the motor, we couldn't remove it in order to put on the replacement part. We called the company who sold us the part - they were very nice and said to take off the brass nut by gently holding the rod still with some type of gripper while turning the nut clockwise - did that - it wouldn't budge. We used WD-40 - still no luck. We swore, cursed, prayed, pleaded - nothing. My husband removed the motor to get a better grip on the rod. Still no luck.
I tried again to find someone to repair it and found I'd have to send it away (shipping for the base was $10 to $12 plus the parts and labor - we're looking at $40 to $50 at least. Not worth it because I don't trust that it won't break again give the plastic parts. Finally in frustration, I gave up and threw the base in the trash. The problem is that the wheel/gear thing is plastic. I've never had good luck with appliances with plastic parts - they never last.

I'll try to sell the blender jar and other parts on e-bay because they are in great condition.

I went out and bought an Oster blender for $30. Nothing fancy but before I bought it I checked - it has metal parts. I should have known - my last Oster outlasted my 32 year marriage and my ex got custody of it and, as far as I know, it's still working - he made a breakfast drink in it every morning.

Bottom line - be very careful before buying this item. It looks great but those plastic parts will do you in. Trust me on this - I've learned my lesson.

Now I need a separate food processor. I will not buy anything made by Cuisinart ever again. I've learned my lesson. From what I've read from other reviews - Kitchen Aid has great appliances - we'll see. If I buy one, I'll post feedback.

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