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Nice update Gregory
by bonniesayers
Thanks for the email and updating this to include more specific details.

I hope to read more soon.

Aug 4, 2002
7:30 pm PDT

Welcome to the site
by bonniesayers
The reason I rated this SH is that I found it very confusing. There are no specs listed at the site for this and when I tried to check the prices at another store my computer froze up and I had to start over.

In my 42 years I have never tried coffee and do not know that much about machines that make coffee drinks.

This review is for a Jura Impressa# E75, but in the beginning you mentioned Capresso, and I have no clue what that is. It must be nice to have two kinds of machines but I was not sure when reading which one is the one listed here and in one paragraph you stated coffee made by this machine, but did not mention it by name.

If you could shed some light on if this machine that this is listed under is the same one you have, out of your two, perhaps the exact name and model of both your machines as comparison would help those who are in need of this type of product.

Of course not having a photo at the site does not help either, so I cannot visualize this by the review. A general overview of how the product works, how long to make a cup, how it cleans might be worth adding as well.

Good luck and I am sure a coffee expert will be able to assist you further in this matter.

By reading about the site in areas of interest you will be able to see first hand how members incorporate specifics into Very Helpful reviews.

If you update please let me know. I would like to understand this system better, in case I ever meet someone who likes this stuff!

Aug 4, 2002
7:53 am PDT