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Thank you!
by jacquiew
I was just about to upgrade my Kitchenaid 5-quart professional model to the new 6-quart professional model. Thank goodness I read your review first!

I love my 5-quart Kitchenaid for cakes and cookies, but it can't handle my favorite bagel recipe (see "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" by Peter Rienhart) -- it overheats after about one minute and shuts itself down. It also can't handle my favorite English muffin recipe ( -- the dough creeps over the top of the dough hook.

After reading your review and doing some research, I decided to order the Electrolux Assistent. What a revelation. When I made bagels with the Electrolux, the machine barely got warm -- even after running for 12 minutes. It was also extremely quiet. And what amazing bagels! This is the first time I've achieved full gluten development in bagel dough. (I've come close after 20 minutes of hand kneading, but by then I was too tired to continue.)

I recommend the Electrolux to anyone who wants to do serious bread baking. I bought mine from
Mar 12, 2005
8:37 am PST

by daquan
What's that old saying?

They don't make them like they used to?

You'd do better to keep your old 5-qt. K'Aid since it still works fine & there's nothing wrong with it.

Mine, the K'Aid 45SS Classic, has not gone sour even once! It's almost 17 years old & I'm NOT getting rid of it!! Not for THIS so-called new piece of junk!!!!!!!!!

Jun 30, 2004
2:38 pm PDT

Re: Re: KitchenAid Woes
by tinchair22
Thanks for the advice on checking the voltage. I just bought a new Kitchen aid 6qt. I am hoping that it doesn't burn out on me. I am going to have my husband check the voltage out first in the outlet that I will be using,as a preventative measure. Thanks for the advice.
May 20, 2004
10:49 pm PDT

by Caprig
Thanks for your excellent review. My husband and I thought of getting this model to replace our 5 qt which we use daily. It is 15 years old, but still running.

No more. All he did was feel and test it and said it was a piece of junk. We never ran it. I see he was right.

He said you can tell from knocking on it and testing it that it is tinny and not solid like the older ones.

Guess he was right. Thanks for saving us hellish times of frustration. I so much appreciate it!

I hope you get a really good mixer sometime soon, if not already.

Dec 17, 2003
8:33 pm PST

Expected. . .
by johnr55
It's such a shame people get suckered in by the K'Aid PR on Food TV, etc. If you want to get serious about grinding and bread baking, it's time to get either the Bosch Universal or Concept or the Electrolux DLX. Believe me, you won't burn these out! I grind my own wheat and the DLX bowl holds more than a gallon. Plus, it's extremely quiet and much easier to clean. Plus, you can see your ingredients and add very easily. Maybe a little more money than K'Aid but it'll outlast you!
Nov 5, 2003
5:58 am PST

Hard to Believe!!
by daquan
Hi everyone.

I find it quite hard to believe that all of you have had trouble with this newest KitchenAid mixer! It's supposed to be the " cream of the crop " , the undisputed leader in stand mixers, the " Cadillac of mixers "! At least that is how I feel about mine.

I'm so disappointed that this mixer has been giving you this much trouble! Especially since it had been tested for 1-1/2 years before going on the store shelves for sale! For the amount of money that you paid for it, it should have been designed to last at least as long as mine has.

I had thought about getting this machine should my old reliable 16-year-old KitchenAid K-45SS bite the dust. But it has not. I'm still quite happy with it!

Also, the 5-qt. model did NOT entirely vanish from the scene. There still IS one. While this machine is a heavier revamped super brawny version of the old reliable 5-qt. K-5SS that sold well for many years, my old reliable K-45SS is still available in some stores. The 5-qt. Artisan model is a heavier revamped super brawny version of MY K-45SS! It still has the motor head that tilts back for easier beater & bowl removal. So you might want to think about getting THAT one instead and try it out to see if there are any
design flaws in it.

My old K-45SS still looks brand spanking new, and it does not show any signs of quitting. I love it! Please read my review on it titled "KitchenAid K-45SS. For Unmatched Quality Through & Through!!!". There are approximately
181 reviews on THIS machine alone, and it's still flying off the shelves at Sears, Target and other
department stores!

Good luck, and I hope that you all find some retribution from this and get the KitchenAid stand mixer that's right for you and won't give you any trouble! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

Aug 22, 2003
12:53 pm PDT

Totally agree!
by swedish_chef
My own 350W KitchenAid overheated and the gearbox seized on one(!) loaf of high-gluten toasting bread.
I now own a Bosch Universal - what a bliss!
Jun 4, 2003
11:13 am PDT

Re: Too much at once
by patienceltd
The dough with which we had problems was substantially softer than most bread doughs, with flour added to liquids in increments rather than liquid added to flour. I don't think the dough consistency or stiffness was what burned out this mixer; I suspect that we just had a bad run on this model.
Mar 19, 2003
5:35 pm PST

Too much at once
by kelly_gloria
I have no problems with my 6 qt. KA mixer which I use mostly for bread making. One of your problems could be that you dumped all the ingredients into the bowl instead of adding them (especially flour) slowly.
Mar 9, 2003
2:45 pm PST

The best thing about Kitchen Aid mixers is their reputation
by catherinemagar
I had a smoker in the 5-quart style. Ditched it and got a Kenmore (yes, Sears) 600-watt beauty that handles my double batches of bread dough with ease. Why are Kitchen Aids so overrated? Is it because they are on all the cooking shows?
Jan 4, 2002
12:34 pm PST

Re: Same experience - dead after third use
by patienceltd
I'm very happy with the replacement we chose, a Bosch Concept mixer. It was more expensive, but it's handled ten pounds of pasta dough (very tough and elastic) without making undue noise or overheating. More information to come in a future review.
Nov 22, 2001
4:46 pm PST

Re: KitchenAid Woes
by jamiebond
Its hard to imagine they had a 1.5 year long test and you had the type of problems you did. The information on the #1 speed setting and heat is very interesting, was that undocumented in their manual as well? Kinda out in left field, you may want to check the voltage at the outlet when the machine is under load with a voltmeter. If it falls bellow 110v it can kill a moter under load real quick as well. I have just purchased a 4.5 quart 300watt refurb unit and will be watching it real close now. Thanks for all your info and detail on your interaction with the customer service reps. Assure them we are watching on the internet ;-).

Dec 20, 2000
11:11 am PST

Re: KitchenAid Woes
by patienceltd
Thanks for the information about the Kenwood. I had checked into that design, as well as Rival Corp.'s comparable "Chef Rival" 7-quart mixer. I'm using a Rival 7-quart mixer in the bake shop where I work, and it's not wearing very well. My boss reports that after one year of near daily use, the speed control dial is slack, the lock button on the tilting mechanism either sticks or doesn't hold well, the mixing head is much noisier than when she bought it, and it's not clearing the bottom and sides of the bowl evenly (probably a sign that the gears are getting worn). My main concern is that the mixing head doesn't look like it's got direct gearing, and eccentric gearing or a more complex transmission might not hold up to regular use on heavy bread doughs. [The shop's commercial 20-quart Hobart mixer can stand up to anything, but it also occupies a cubic meter of kitchen space and costs about $4,000 new.]

I haven't been able to find any reviews of the Kenwood, though I've seen it at Williams & Sonoma locally for about $500. That's more than I had hoped to spend, but if KitchenAid no. 4 bites the dust, the Kenwood will probably be my replacement of choice. They claim it can handle six pounds of bread dough...
Dec 14, 2000
1:47 pm PST

KitchenAid Woes
by robeezee
In your article, you mention that the KitchnAid 6 qt. has the most powerful motor on the market (for home machines). Not so.

I own a Kenwood 7 qt mixer with a 650 watt motor. I also own a 5 qt KitchenAid Mixer with a 300 watt motor.

The Kenwood has great capacity, performs well, but is very noisy. Unlike the KitchenAid, the head does lift up, like typical stand mixers.

The KitchenAid 300 watt motor has sufficient power for the 5 quart tasks, and is much quieter than the Kenwood.

You might consider purchasing the Kenwood in order to get another quart in capacity, and what I have found to be a very reliable appliance.
Dec 12, 2000
1:08 pm PST

wow, a BAD Kitchen Aid review!
by akaMum
Sorry to hear your woes, but we love our Kitchen Aid (well, let's say MY husband adores his!). And, it's not as though you didn't give it a fair chance too! This highlights our great brands can sometimes just not match up to their reputation!
Nov 21, 2000
10:32 pm PST