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Waring Pro TG15 Tailgater Blender

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Honest to Gawd! It's AC/DC!!!

Jun 28, 2004
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Pros:Margaritas anywhere there's a cigarette lighter...

Cons:Costs more than other Waring blenders...

The Bottom Line: Want frozen drinks anywhere the weekend happens to take you? Take a look at the Waring Tailgater --- it's as mobile as you are!

Besides the cake and ice cream factor, the only real advantage to birthdays is that you get gifts. Sometimes crummy ties or socks, but sometimes cool stuff that you can actually use! This year, I got the usual junk that will go into the yard sale bin first time I think the giver isn't looking, but I also got a gift certificate for the local liquor store along with a Waring Tailgater Blender!

Now I had absolutely no idea that I had any real need for a Waring Tailgater Blender, but it's actually a pretty neat idea, and it's something that I am actually using. (Unlike last year's gift of a Beard Buster Beard Trimmer: somebody evidently didn't realize that I don't actually have a beard, much less one that needed trimming). Well, I initially thought the Waring Tailgater Blender was going to be in the same general category of useless electric powered plastic devices with sharp blades, (especially since I drive a Volvo S40 sedan, which doesn't actually have a tailgate, much less one that needs blending).

As I said though, the Waring Tailgater Blender is kind of useful, and it is entertaining. I've taken it on a couple picnics to the beach, and last week, I took it on a camping trip. There's something to be said for "roughing it" when you can have freshly made ice cold margaritas. (And here I always thought "roughing it" meant using white/silver tequila instead of reposado).

"Taking it with You" is the crux of the Waring Tailgater Blender: it's a blender that can go anywhere your car can go because you can plug it into the cigarette lighter.

Take the blender with you to tailgate parties. Take it to picnics at the beach. Take it camping. It's a full-size regular Waring blender, that looks and feels just like the big boy at home, so there's none of that settling for second-rate quality appliances that fall apart as soon as you lose the warranty card.

It has a pulse button, just like regular Waring blenders, so you can get your frozen margaritas exactly right. It also has measurement marks etched into the carafe so you can measure out bulk quantities of tequila and lime juice.

The cord is 15 feet long, which is plenty if you're making drinks in or around the car, but most parks don't have the parking spaces right next to the tables. An A/C adapter is included so you can take the blender with you if outlets are available.

I've heard that there are places in Canada where parking meters have AC outlets on them for cars with headbolt heaters. This would be a great place to plug in a Waring Tailgater Blender --- I've seen "Kids in the Hall" on the Comedy Channel, so I know that Canadians are kind of wacky folks who would love to have out of towners making margaritas on city streets. If somebody says otherwise, you can just give them the URL to this review so they'll know that I said it's okay.

The instruction book that comes with this blender has several theoretically "useful" ideas for using the Waring Tailgater Blender, like making salsas and smoothies, but Lord knows I have NEVER in my life used a blender for such things. It might work, but I'm sure not going to risk it. I'll stick to the margaritas, thank you very much!

By the way, if you do give this blender to somebody as gift, the most useful accesory will be an ice chest, because of course you have to have lots of ice handy if you're going to keep those margaritas coming...

Using the Waring Tailgater Blender...
Now without further ado, here's how to make a decent frozen margarita using the Waring Tailgater Blender:

1/2 cup gold tequila (preferably a reposado, like Sauza Conmemorativo)
1/4 cup white tequila (I use Sauza Blanco)
1/4 cup Grand Marnier
2 ounces triple sec
2 tbsp. powdered sugar
juice of 4 squeezed limes (or about 1/2 to 3/4 cup lime juice)

Plug blender in car's cigarette lighter. Put all ingredients in the Waring Tailgater Blender, use enough ice to make enough volume for about 3 drinks. Turn blender to "Hi" until ice is obliterated, adding ice if necessary to reach right consistency. Salt margarita glass rims, or use granulated sugar if you want a change of pace. Pour margaritas and garnish with a slice of lime.

Having a blender handy in the car is a very useful idea, but I urge you not to keep the ingredients for margaritas handy just in case you get stuck in rush hour traffic. This is a VERY bad idea...especially if you have young children. The kids could drink all your tequila, and then you'd have to go back to the liquor store and buy another bottle.

Bottom Line:
Americans LOVE their cars! Americans LOVE drinking frozen margaritas! Why not have a drink blender in the car!?!?!

It's a GREAT idea whose time has come....thanks Waring!

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