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Cuisinart Quick Prep CSB-33 2-Speeds Blender

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The Perfect Boat Motor!!

Jun 4, 2003
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Pros:You Can Blend & Or Puree Right At The Stove!

Cons:Power Cord Could Get In The Way.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this unit to anyone who wants the convenience of mixing things in a pot at the stove!

At least that is what Chef Emeril Lagasse calls it. He uses either this one or one similar to it quite a lot on his two shows, Essence of Emeril & Emeril Live, featured on the Food Network!

It might seem that most of my reviews are on kitchen
appliances or gadgets. I imagine that I'm sort of an appliance nut. But I just can't seem to cook without modern conveniences! I love to cook & have fun doing it! That means having just about all of the right equipment to do it with!

I had gotten the Cuisinart CSB-33 Quick Prep hand blender to make mixing and blending sauces & drinks with light to medium thicknesses much easier.

I especially like the lightweight comfortable grip that makes it the ideal appliance for pureeing soups sauces, gravies & soft-cooked fruits & vegetables at the stove! You avoid the tedious task of having to drag out your regular blender or your heavy food processor all the time and you can usually take care of the pureeing wherever there's a live outlet!

Also, you can mix drinks and light batters like milk shakes, frappes, cocktails and batter for crepes! It makes a great addition to your bar for milk-based drinks like White Russians & mud slides!


1. Two speeds - high & low, for mixing flexibility.

2. Comes with regular mixing blade, a round metal slotted mixing disk & a round plastic mixing disk.

3. Also has it own stand for storage when not in use &
a convenient 16-oz. clear plastic container with measurements and a pouring lip.

4. Storage stand can be kept on counter, or mounted on a wall with screws.

5. Convenient comfortable lightweight hand-held design
& hand grip handle.

6. Super quiet powerful 2-speed motor.

7. Finger-operated control switch.

8. One-year warranty on entire product.

I love this little kitchen wonder! I've used it quite a bit since I've had it , and love the way it mixes & purees!
I'm being spoiled with so by little gadgets & appliances. At times I say to myself; " What will they think of next? "

My only shortcoming is that the cord could get in the way while in use. Not that it would get in whatever you are mixing, but it just may be that you would have to be cautious & try to keep the cord at bay, especially over the stove. You would not want to let the cord dangle over a burner that's been turned on!! Bring to unit closest to the outlet with the cord over the EDGE of the stove, instead of having the cord over a hot part of the stove. This helps to keep danger at bay and makes the unit much safer to use.

But this little machine is a godsend! What would life be without it? I sometimes wonder. Here's another fantastic thing that this machine can do! For those of you who are on a strict diet and can't have whipped cream don't worry! You can still get that " whipped cream " magic with either skim milk or 1% milk when you use the machine to do this!

Just add a little bit of vanilla and sugar or sugar substitute and you've got the best-tasting low-cal dessert topping you've ever tried! This powerful little unit is worth its weight in gold! Great for making yogurt drinks too!


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Amount Paid (US$): 55.00

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The Quick Prep CSB-33 is a handheld blender which lets you blend directly in your bowl, pot or in glass itself. The powerful motor containing 2-speed ...
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The Quick Prep CSB-33 is a handheld blender which lets you blend directly in your bowl, pot or in glass itself. The powerful motor containing 2-speed ...
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