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Cuisinart Quick Prep CSB-33 2-Speeds Blender

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Cuisinart Quick Prep REALLY DOES Make for QUICK PREP!

Dec 24, 2010
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Pros:simple to use, easy to clean

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: This is a great immersion blender with lots of uses.

I hada been wanting a hand-held immersion type blender for quite a long time.  I had hinted and even outright suggested about how it would make a nice gift.  Somehow, I never did receive one though.  I had dreams about cream soups without exploding them all over my kitchen in the traditional blender, fluffy eggs, and fun smoothies.  But alas, it seemed none of that was to be as gift giving occasions passed and I did not get my immersion blender!  I know I probably could have just gone and bought it myself but somehow, I just couldn't justify it until one fine sister-in-law gave me a gift card to Kohls.  This was the answer....I could finally go and get my immersion blender.  I did my research and checked out different prices at many different stores, both online and brick and mortar stores.  I knew I really wanted to be able to make my purchase at Kohls and, as it turned out, that worked out just right.  They had the best deal on the seemingly best immersion blender so off I went!

The Blender
The Cuisinart Quick Prep CSB 33 2-Speed Handheld Blender was the product I chose.   (Checking out their website just now, I see that they don't even carry this product anymore, at least online, but Amazon does and perhaps the Brick and Mortar Kohls still carries it as well)  I paid $33 on sale for this blender and felt I got a good deal after seeing prices on many other models.

The blender is a simple product actually and does not have nor need a lot of "bellls and whistles."  It has a motor on top with a switch for "low" and "high."  The electric cord is attached to the top as well and is 5 feet long, long enough to be able to be very functional.  On the bottom is the blade that blends your food.  The blade is surrounded by a plastic dome shield so that the blade does not scrape against your bowl, pot or other surface.

My experiences
I have used the Cuisinart Quick Prep CSB 33 2-Speed Handheld Blender quite a lot since I got it.  I found that it comes in handy even more than I expected it to.  I have made the best scrambled eggs.  I simply crack the eggs into a bowl as I usually do then put the Quick Prep into the bowl and turn it on for a few seconds before putting the eggs into the frying pan as usual.  The scrambled eggs come out fluffy and delicious.

I have also found that I can make really good smoothies with this blender.  I put fruit, yogurt and fruit juice (or Crystal Lite, depnding on what I have) into one of my regular tall, plastic cups.  I put the blender into the cup, turn it on for a few seconds and I have a really nice smoothie.  Healthy and not a lot of clean up to do!

The thing I purchased this Cuisinart Quick Prep CSB 33 2-Speed Handheld Blender for was making cream soups, especially broccoli cheese soup.  In the past, I had had to put batches of soup into my regular blender and then transfer to a second pot while I blended another batch and this went on for several batches until I could get all of the soup blended.  Now if you have ever blended hot soup, you know that you have to be very careful.  Well, I had one experience where I put too much hot soup into the blender and it blew the top and soup went everywhere.  Not only did I have to clean up that mess but I also had to clean up a blender and a second pot!  What an ordeal.  With the immersion blender, I simply put the blender into the pot and turn it on.  Besides making for easier clean up, it also makes for better soup.  With the regular blender, it was hard to tell how long to blend and I often erred on the side of blending too much.  With the immersion blender, I can see exactly what I am doing and can get it just right!

To clean this blender, you simply wash off the blending end without getting the motor part wet.  It really is not as difficult as it sounds as I am able to run it under hot water and use a soapy sponge to get off the excess residue.  It is quick and simple...much simpler than cleaning the jar of a regular blender where stuff tends to get stuck under or around the blades.  That does not happen with the Cuisinart Quick Prep.

I would recommend this small appliance to anyone considering it.  It has a wide variety of uses and I am finding new ones all the time.  It does not take up much room and stores easily in my kitchen cabinet.  I use it frequently and think other could too.  Simple to use, simple to clean....what could be better?

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Amount Paid (US$): 33

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