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Cuisinart Quick Prep CSB-33 2-Speeds Blender

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Creative "Shtick"!

Feb 24, 2000 (Updated Feb 24, 2000)
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Pros:Functional Quality and Easy to Clean

Cons:Making yourself use it

This little gizmo is for people that want to create original stuff as well as follow recipes. It will hardly ever get used unless you have it rigged for instant use. Mentally the process goes: 1) where is it? 2) Is it worth getting it out? 3) I probably don't need it for this or I can do it just as fast by hand...
I find that if it's handy, plugged in, ready to go, I'll use it. Otherwise...probably not.

The cost is negligible. The quality is Cuisinart. Plenty of power.

Let's say you want to do an omelette...Okay, crack the required number of eggs into...this gizmo's container instead of the usual bowl or whatever your used add some stuff (mayo, spices, soy sauce, garlic, olives, etc.), grab the 'chop stick', and press the button. In seconds, you have a perfectly blended omelette mix that's ready to pour.

Let's say you want a special mix of 'secret' flavors for a pasta sauce...Start with a little chicken broth, add some stuff (pesto, pepper, garlic, cream, chives, mushrooms, etc.), again hit the button. Seconds later you dip out a pasta coating that's ready to add to the drained pasta, toss, and everybody goes "Ahhhh..."

Maybe it's hot (like it is here most of the time). You want something frozen, frothy, and doesn't come out of a carton or a ready-mix envelope. Start with some ice cream or frozen yogurt, throw in some walnuts (your choice), fruit (like a peeled peach, a banana, strawberries, blueberries etc.), now maybe a little brandy (or Grand Marnier). Hit the button. Spoon out a nice, thick "smoothie" - or thin it out for pouring by adding a little shaved ice, more brandy, more juice.

The point is that you're only limited by your imagination.

For making gravies, sauces, etc., it's a natural. Drain the drippings into the container, blend a couple secs to smooth, then just add in milk, flour, and spices as you blend. Then just pour from the container into a server...your done. For large amounts, just do 2 batches - takes only seconds, anyway.

CLEAN-UP on this baby is nothing! Just run some hot, soapy water into the container, hit the button, and wham! Everything's clean and ready for next time.

If you use it and practice with it, you can do alot of 'instant' preparations and not have a last-minute time factor to worry about. Like I say, for the cost, it isn't a big deal, and it could get you into a whole new area of preparation that would be a big deal if you had to do everything the slow way. Give it a try if you're the creative type in the kitchen. Though I don't use it every day, I like having it handy for last-minute, quick ideas.

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