Dualit COMBI 2x2 65-Slice Toaster

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Dualit Vario 65-Slice Toaster A TOASTER THAT KEEPS GIVING

Aug 8, 2009 (Updated Aug 8, 2009)
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Pros:Great toast, easy to use, made for high production, energy efficient

Cons:Not the Cheapest toaster out there

The Bottom Line: This is a great toaster that puts toast out! It's easy to use and produces great bread, or sandwiches if you choose to roast.

Quick Summary
I got this toaster 2 Christmas's ago and it has been working great. I have never had any trouble or complications with the Dualit, the best toaster I have ever used by far. Maybe because I buy the cheap ones and this was a gift, but it is still the best I've used. It's also one of the nicest looking toasters I have seen. I was really impressed by the looks when I pulled it out of the box. This toaster was not meant to be used several times a weak, it is built for production, and that's what it does. It's a great toaster to bring when you and your friends, or community, get together and have some brunch. I loan this to my parents for church events and they say they get a bit of compliments. 
However, since it is built for high production you have to let it warm up for a bit to get maximum potential of the toaster, there is a preheat option. Another thing I like about the Dualit is how quit it is, there is no loud hum, or beeps, which I find annoying in toasters. My friend's kids have no problem using the toaster after several times, It's pretty easy to get the hang of.

What can You toast
The slots are great for the toaster, the slots are wide enough for for thick slices of bread, bagels, buns, or some muffins. It really is convenient for those thicker breads that can't fit in most toasters. But, I have run into some breads I figured I try out, bought it, took it home, and had to trim it to get it to fit in. So it takes nice sized breads, but it won't fit every bread size, just most. Or maybe you want to toast your sandwich also, which you can do with the sandwich cage. The cage is big enough to make a descent sandwich. You can fit your pieces of bread, some slices of cheese (but not really thick) or several slices of meat. You can make grilled cheese sandwiches, but I wouldn't go heavy duty on the cheese. This can make a really nice breakfast sandwich. The slots are about 1 1/4" thick, about 6" wide, and about 5.5" deep. 

Quality of production
The quality of the toasted breads have always been, how I wanted it to turn out. When I set the time for how toasted I want the toast, it never fails. Ever get those toasters that you set for medium brown and it turned out..... well.... It's deffinatly toasted, not with this one. I have to say that this is really accurate for what you set it on. I have never set it, left it, and came back disappointed. 

How to tell when It's done
When the toast is done there are no annoying alarms to let you know the toast is done. I like this because I find those noises annoying. But for the person that needs this feature don't worry. The toast does not pop up when It's done. Instead it stays in the slots keeping your toast warm while you are doing other things. I get side tract-ed when I am cooking sometimes, so this made it really relevant for warm toast. The Dualit will keep your toast warm for about ten minutes after It's done.

Cleaning the toaster is also very easy to do. The outside of the toaster cleans very easy, and almost looks like you just polished it, until about 1.5 years of cleaning. Some spots are starting to get "dim" but you have to stare at it to really notice it. The inside is also very easy to clean. There is a crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster. This makes cleaning your crumbs and melted cheese a breeze, if your having trouble with keeping this toaster clean, I don't know what to tell you.
Energy Efficient
The Dualit is also energy efficient as well. This comes in really great when you want to have a "lower" power bill. You can choose which of the slots you will be using. that way your not using 4 slots for 3 slices of toast.

The Dualit is also very durable, it can take some damage. After 2 years you can bet this thing has taken some major falls. There were several times when I thought, there is no way this is still going to work. But, despise being dropped 5' several times it still works as good as when I got it. If you have "destructive" young-ins this would be a good choice.

Overall thoughts
Overall It is a very nice toaster nice looks, and nice quality of toasted products. It's done what I have never seen any other toaster do. But, I also have never had a restaurant toaster before either. I highly recommend this toaster to anyone. For someone that likes to toast a lot, has a nice sized family, to a small business, or community events. If you only plan on toasting once in a while, It would be a shame to use the Dualit for that reason, and a waist of money.

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