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Hamilton Beach 26500 Waffle Maker

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The Morning Baker is making me HUNGRY, just looking at it!

Dec 1, 2000
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Pros:Compact, easy to clean, nonstick surface has held up well after three years

Cons:Electrical unit doesn't detach for easier cleaning

This is, quite possibly, one of the greatest Christmas presents my husband could have ever given me, and I mean that sincerely. Oh sure, you say, when a spouse buys the other one an appliance, that's a signal to the end of the marriage! Not in this house!

My Mom used to make the best waffles, and would never divulge her "secret recipe" - but I figured it out (whip the egg whites separate to make a meringue, then add it last to your recipe!).

Now, my Dad can't stand Belgian Waffles. He says the holes are too deep, and it's too hard to put butter on them. I say, Belgian Waffles are the best, because they hold more melted butter and more syrup. It's all a matter of choice I suppose.

Before using my Morning Baker for the first time, I made sure to wipe it down real good with a wet cloth, then dry it. Okay - I'm a freak about washing new stuff, but that's just me. Then I sprayed it with spray shortening (Pam regular, don't use the garlic flavor - it doesn't go well with syrup). I plugged it in and started making my waffle recipe. MISTAKE! The iron was hot after about 2 minutes, and I wasn't. Needless to say, my first waffle turned out just fine, as the preheat/ready light resets itself every time you open the lid, and then shut it again.

I have become so accustomed to the sounds this iron makes, that I can tell from across the room that the ready light just went off, and another waffle is done. This eliminates having to watch the steam, like on the old ones, or watching the clock, like some of the new ones that have no indicators either. The ready light goes OFF when the waffle is done - a perfectly timed 90 seconds. My waffles are always crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The two sections of the Morning Baker are separated, to allow for a certain amount of rise, and escaping steam, so don't think that it's broken the first time you use it, and the top moves around.

What I like most about the Morning Baker is it's compact. You can store it upright, on a shelf, or on its little legs (which are padded, btw, to prevent scratching your countertop). Currently, I store mine on my new Lazy Susan, and other than the cord, it fits in there nicely.

It does take a while to cool off, and on one occasion I left a waffle in there and forgot about it. The smell told me that I'd forgotten something. There is no on/off switch, and I've made it a habit to unplug the thing when I'm done.

The finish is going on its third year of use, and has held up pretty good. All I have to do is spray it with Pam (or a generic equivalent)before I plug it in.

The biggest drawback to the Morning Baker is how to clean it. It would be nice to have the electrical unit detach from the iron, for more effective cleaning, but really, it doesn't get that dirty. Since you cannot immerse it in water, I've found you can lay it on its side, on the edge of the sink and clean it that way. The outside can be cleaned with a little Windex.

Every year I wish for another Morning Baker, because cooking one at a time in this house of five takes some planning (and heating the oven to keep the waffles warm). I'm hoping this will be the year I get a second Morning Baker (just in case my DS is reading this and needs to give my DH a clue!).

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