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George Foreman GR30 Indoor Grill

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George Foreman Knockout Grill Machine

Feb 23, 2008 (Updated May 25, 2009)
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Pros:Fast cooking, low price, easy cleaning, less time needed.

Cons:It does not mean unhealthy foods are transformed into healthy servings

The Bottom Line: In comparison to using a grill from the fixed kitchen appliance this is much faster, safer, and cleaner output of food.

Author's product rating:

Performance Good
Ease of use Very easy
Durability Long
Cleaning & Maintenance Very easy
Value for money Excellent

Advantages: Faster, less time consuming, less hassle
Disadvantages: It does not mean unhealthy foods are transformed into healthy servings.

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review

The George Foreman 10099 GR30 is a alternative way to cook food.
The man behind this product is a former 2 time Heavyweight champion of world boxing.

The desktop grill machine is approximately 60cm x 40 x 10 cm.
Relatively compact grill it does not take too much space of the kitchen.

The great aspect of this machine is that a variety of food can be cooked faster and more healthier than using microwaves, and also using an older type built in cooker.

What this grill does is that four minutes is all the time needed to pre- heat. After four or five minutes the food you place can be heated within five to ten minutes extra. So approximately ten minutes is what is needed to get a well cooked, less fat, and much crispier tasting chicken.

The machine has a nice teflon based coating plates inside, which makes cleaning the George Foreman machine very easy. Not much effort is needed to clean the grill. A damp towel can be used.

The grill does not weigh too much, it is fairly easy to move from 1 room to another.  The design of the grill means that the fat of meat foods flow down to a collector tray. The tray is again easy to clean. It takes less time to clean this grill after usage, than cleaning an oven and the trays that have been used.

The dishwasher cleans the grills and trays without leaving scratches, or clean the plates via hand. So here instead of eating greasy fatty foods, this machine makes the flow of fat onto a tray which is just wiped away like magic later.

If metal forks, knives are used to take the meat out of the grill, then the plates can become scratched. So some attention to care is needed.

The use of this grill is very safe to use. Safety wise, the grill has a manual so there are guidelines as to how long is needed to pre heat and cook different types of food. Therefore you have no worry about what if I am undercooking or overcooking or even burning the foods.

Value for moneywise, for twenty five to thirty British Pounds this is a unique time saving device and a very useful cooking machine indeed.

Extra information: The manual contained in the product box states the indicated cooking times to properly cook food using this portable grill. Also it is helpful and user friendly in terms of preparing the food for use with this super device. Also there are instructions on how to warm the food up, fill the grill, remove the food.

Some easy to cook and healthy recipes such as George's sausage Texas style, grilled vegetables, sole with tomatoes, rosemary lamb chops, burritos, carne asada and a few others. Also the recipes contain the required ingredients and also the required cooking times, and the amount of servings per person is also highlighted.

There is a guarantee for one year provided with the product from the date of purchase. Furthermore I have used the grill for about twelve months on a frequent basis, and have experienced no problems with the grill.

There is a repair short guide in the manual which is good if I required spare parts for the device, or if the product requires repair, or servicing. Though due to the low cost nature of this product the best way might be to just buy a new one.


What I like most about using this grill as occasionally I make my own burgers using mince meat. I have calculated that I am still saving time compared to using ready made processed burgers and cooking them in an oven.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 50

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