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George Foreman GR30 Indoor Grill

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Apr 12, 2008
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Pros:Easy Cleaning, Grilling anytime of the year!

Cons:It takes up room in your kitchen. Its worth it!

The Bottom Line: I love it!! I would recommend this to anyone! Cooks fast and is easy to use!

My family loves the George Foreman GR30 Indoor Grill. We would be so upset if we didn’t have it. We LOVE meat!! This is how we cook most of our meat, from bacon to steaks. We love it.

First off it has a GREASE CATCHER. This allows all the grease to be caught when the pressure of the lid squishes it out!! This is such a wonderful invention! It makes it so there is less clean up and more fun. When you are done cooking, just let the grease cool and then pour it down the drain. That’s all!!

EASY CLEAN UP!! I could just sing at the thought of easy clean up! I won’t but I could. It even comes with a black tool to help you clean it!!! Just get the tool and scrape the remaining chunks and fat blotches of grease off, then get a paper towel and get the rest of the grease off that the tool could not. All that’s left is to get a hot, soapy rag and clean that well. IT’S SO EASY!!!!

My family is a large family so with any other grill it takes a while to cook the meat all the way done. Not with the George foreman!! With its HIGH-TECH TOP AND BOTTOM COOKING areas it only takes a few min. for each batch of meat to cook! We also can fit several slices of meat on the surface so that we can cook more meat faster.

ALL YEAR GRILLING. I live in Utah, so the weather doesn’t always corporate if you want to be grilling in the winter. With the George Foreman we can grill all year long! No matter what the weather is like, we can pull out the George Foreman and gill all we want!!!

This Grill is like a tank!!! It is so DURABLE. After we were done using it, I went to go put it in the pantry. I didn’t set it on the self very well and it fell on the hard tile floor. The only thing that broke was a little white siding part!!! It is amazing!

CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!!! We could not afford a nice out side grill, so that’s when we got the George Foreman! It is even Cheap for an inside grill, but the Grill is first class. It only cost from $40-$70!!! It’s easy to find also! You can get it in any local store, or on the internet!

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Amount Paid (US$): 57.00

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The George Foreman GR30 Variable Temperature Grill is yet another knock-out product from the Heavyweight Legend's grill range
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