HTC BH M500 White In-Ear Only Headsets Reviews

HTC BH M500 White In-Ear Only Headsets

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HTC BH M500 Bluetooth Headset

Dec 10, 2012
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Pros:Relatively inexpensive, easy to use, no fatal flaws.

Cons:Not very comfortable, does not stay in place well, sound quality is not the best.

The Bottom Line: The BH M500 headset is not at the low end of the spectrum, but if you are shopping around, you should be able to find one better.

I received the HTC BH M500 Bluetooth Headset to use with my BlackBerry for work.  Before it was put in my hands, I'd never heard of this particular model before.  After using it for a while, it seems to be a middle-of-the-road headset.

The BH M500 is easy to set up and easy to use.  Pairing it with a phone just requires holding the button down for several seconds, and once you pair it the first time you don't have to pair it again (as long as your phone saves the connection).

There is only one button on this headset, and depending on how long you hold the button down you can either call the last number you dialed, activate voice dialing, turn the headset off or on, or put it into pairing mode.  If you don't use the headset on an everyday basis, you'll definitely want to hold on to the instructions so you don't forget how to activate each function.

The battery life of this headset seems to be good, easily lasting until I can charge it again.  I haven't tried to run it down completely, but it starts to emit a short series of beeps when the battery is running low.

The speaker sound on this headset seems to be slightly above average.  There is not typically a lot of static, and rarely is there a problem hearing the  person on the other end, even in moderate winds or with other background noises.

The microphone sound does not seem to be quite as good as the speaker sound.  Several times I have experienced problems either with the person on the other end not being able to hear me, or with trying to use voice dialing.  (Admittedly, part of the problem with the voice dialing could be due to the phone not being trained specifically for my voice.)

Comfort / Fit:
This headset is very small, and fits directly into your ear.  There is a detachable ear piece that clips onto the headset and fits around the top of your ear to help hold the headset in place, but for me the ear piece pulled the headset into an awkward angle, making it less stable and allowing it to fall out easier.  Without the ear piece, the headset stayed in my ear comfortably, but when walking in a strong wind I would hold onto it so it wouldn't blow away.  The headset and ear piece can be used in either ear.

The button for this headset is large and easy to accidentally push, especially when you are trying to adjust the headset in your ear or move it around.  I've gotten used to accidentally pressing the button many times throughout the day as I adjust the headset so it doesn't fall out, and immediately having to press the button again to cancel a call or cancel voice dialing.

If you have your choice of Bluetooth headsets, there are other headsets that might fit better, stay on better, or sound better on the other end.  The BH M500 is not a top-of-the-line headset, but it is serviceable and if you are given this headset without a choice, you could do a lot worse.

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