Jan 4, 2008
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Pros:Cleans tile, wood floors, corners, underneath cabinets, doesn't cross T-molding (A )

Cons:First time use was tricky. Slower than Roomba, and only covers ~200 sq. ft.

The Bottom Line: Get one, especially if you pay a housekeeper to do this for you, it's cleaner and more convenient.

We'd say that Scooba is worth it in most cases. We have tiles with uneven surfaces in the tile itself and the grout lines. We could mop, and then take a damp cloth and wipe the floors and it would still be dirty. Yuk. We used Scooba for the first time, did the clean rag test, and it was clean! Even the grout got mostly cleaned up. The best part is that you can use the scooba cleaner (and you have to buy more all the time) OR you can simply use white vinegar, and that is cheap. We also used scooba on our wood floors and it did a great job, footprints were gone, and it did not scratch the floors (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THOUGH, e.g., you can't use on pergo(r)). We most definitely enjoy it. First time use is tricky, need to prime the pump, use the online help features to get a good result. Basically, you get a turkey baster or other similar device, locate the suction line from the clean side of the tank, prime the pump where water is coming out beneath the scooba, and then try to start it. That will work, and works well every time after that, so prime it once and you're ready to go.

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