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iFrogz EarPollution Plugz In-Ear only Headphones - Yellow

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iFrogz Plugz Breakz easily - Cheap Headphones

Mar 20, 2012 (Updated Mar 20, 2012)
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Pros:They are cheap.

Cons:Bass is lacking, dynamic range and volume are poor. Overall, the ifrogz are very mediocre.

The Bottom Line: There are better headphones out there even at under twenty dollars. The ifrogz plugz are a cheap headphone with a cheap sound.

My son and I normally get Skull Candy headphones for our iPod and Android phone needs. However, after an incident which no headphones could survive, my son picked up a pair of iFrogz Plugz to try for using with his Samsung MyTouch phone. He quickly went back to a new pair of skull candys. I borrowed them to find out why iFrogz are a poor substitute for skull candies in the sub twenty dollar headphone market.

Feel and Fit

These headphones have a light weight cheap feel to them. The earbuds seem a bit flimsy and it was hard to get them into my ear just right. Once in, they are comfortable, but you occasionally have to put them back in, they don't seem to form a tight seal.  Plugz are available in a variety of colors, the ones I tested are black.


After a while, the connector wore out and the left channel would fade in and out due to a loose connection in the wire just before the headphone plug.  That is the biggest reason I would choose another headphone over this particular model of ifrogz, the plugz. iFrogz also has more expensive models available.

Price Point

The iFrogz Plugz are 14.99 or thereabouts depending on where you purchase them from. For a bit cheaper you can also get Sony or a variety of no name earbud style headphones and for just a dollar or so more, you can get Skull Candy Ink'ds.  I think the sound quality was a bit better than some no names.

Sound!  How does the Music Sound?

I tried a variety of music on the iFrogz.  First up

Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?  The guitars stand out just fine, Coyne's voice has a bit of distortion in it. The low bass isn't very good. Overall, there is a bit of a tinny sound.

Ludwig Van Beethoven - 9th Symphony excerpt from the Fourth  Movement  I listened to the opening strains of the chorus from Ludwigs glorious ninth.  The strings lack the depth and majesty that they should have.  The ifrogz also fail to truly capture the timbre of the first singer. No angel trumpets and devil trombones here.

Morphine - I'm Free Now  - One of the Boston area's own alternative bands uses a blend of sax and bass for a unique sound.  Actually the sweet sax sounds of Morphine sounded pretty good, although I know that Morphine has some nice deep bass that is absent here. The vocals sound good though.

Nevermore - Narcosynthesis A little American thrash metal. The mids all stand out, and the guitar solos sound good. The drum beat is there, but a bit too bright.  Vocals sounded good.

Ive Mendes - Night Night  One of Brazil's sexiest singers sounds nice here, but not as sexy or passionate as I know she can sound.

Overall, listening to a wide variety of music, the headphones really only seem to make the mids bright. They lack the bass that skull candies have, and don't seem to have a full sonic stage within your head. The dynamic range just isn't there, listening to these reminds me of listening to a radio instead of an audio system. Yes, you can recognize the melodies and such, but the detail is lacking.   Add in the problems that came after the connection became loose, and the sound quality really suffers.

Overall Impression / Summary

Part of me wants to say these don't sound bad for sub twenty dollar headphones, but from listening to a variety of even cheap headphones, you can do a lot better. There are some headphones at the $15-20 dollar price point that give you good sound for the money.  Unfortunately, the ifrogz plugz are not those headphones. These give you a rather lackluster musical experience, they don't fit terribly well, and they don't last long either.  I gave them two stars.

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