ITSB-200. Blue Tooth Tower: My Review and How It Sounds

Jul 31, 2013
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Pros:Sincs easily with my iPad

Cons:poor base,

poor radio tuning

The Bottom Line: I like this IT Bluetooth Tower Stereo for Radio, music stored in iTunes and movies I watch via  iPad. I'm not a tech guy but find this easy to use.

We have this Blue Tooth Tower Stereo in our home. My daughter purchased it but I have found it useful at times and now works perfectly for my wife who usually played our back room stereo pumped up so as to hear it in our back yard porch area.
The following notes the positive and negative experience shared in this review of the Innovative Technology ITSB-200 Blue Tooth Tower Stereo System upc #816203011725. 

IT. Bluetooth Tower Stereo    

This unit's box top info tells me this can "Wirelessly connect via Bluetooth up to 33' away" and that it is "compatable with all tablets, Smartphones and more." It also has a "Built-in FM Radio with 20 Presets." Included in the box is a Full-Function Remote Control.

Also noted is "42" Powerful 20 watt Speaker System with Impressive Bass and Clear Stereo Sound."
   "Includes 3.5.. Aux-in and RCA Jacks"   
The 5d" x 6w" unit stands 39 1/2" above the floor with an 8" x 10" base.

The top that has a slight forward facing angle has the built-in controls including On/Off, Volume + and -, Pair, Source, and  Tune + and -.  All is black except for the LED window that gives pertenant infomation depending on control used.

pops Experience With the  ITSB-200 Blue Tooth Tower Stereo   

It was my plan to have my wife use this so as to have a semi-portable unit that she could play her favorite K-Love radio station outside our home. The unit is sleek looking, stands tall and is steady in spite of its height. It's not heavy at all so it can easily be moved from point to point  plugging it in using the 5' cord. I would have liked a slightly longer power cord.

Unfortunately using the built in FM stereo did not do the trick, even with the FM antenna wire fully extended. We have problems at times bringing this particular station in on our inside better quality stereo CD system. This IT SB-200 Blue Tooth Tower could not bring it in at all. The tuerdoes not work well enough for that use.

Fortunately though, I could use my iPad and her nexus  to pick up an app that brings radio into our tablets. I was able to sinc my iPad radio to send the signal to the Tower Radio and get good clear sound with no interference at all! Problem solved!! Unit good to go for the reason I wanted it.

There are other pluses I like is being able to sinc this unit with any of the radio stations I use my iPad for. I can listen to most any station around the nation using my Radio app (TuneIn Radio) in my iPad. and use my very portable tablet, that is always near my hands, as the remote.

I happen to have a ton of iTune Music in my iPad. All of it can be played though this ITSB-200 Blue Tooth Tower upc #816203011725. I can change the type of music depending on the use of the tower whether for soothing music if reading quietly in my hammock or pump up the beat if having a house party of one sort or another. 

Best for me though is using this as a remote speaker system for the videos I have in my iPad. I usually use my headphones for the best quality sound but hooking up with the Blue Tooth using the Blue Tooth button on my iPad gives me the option to walk around and not be teathered to my tablets.

Aside from the tuner not working well and a too short powercord I have two other negative notes to share.

The sound quality does NOT have the bass end that the box top says it does. I suppose the "powerful 20 watt speaker system" really isn't that powerful but for the price of this unit at under $100. We paid $75, its OK.

I also find there is very little "stereo" sound. I suppose no separation of the internal speakers horozontally leads to this. I can add two speakers to the back of this unit that does have jacks but that defeats the simplicity I wanted for this taking it in and out to our back porch now and then for special use.  

pop Final Thoughts 

This unit was inexpensive and I suppose I could not expect the greatest of sound or radio tuning quality. Neither is very good. That said, for the ease of use and OK quality of music we have kept it.  

I am not an overly tech kinda guy but I found using this Bluetooth Tower by IT easy to figure out.  The unit somehow finds my tablets easily. I am a little familiar with the tablets using them as my source for radio tuning, listening to my iTunes music library and movies I watch. I also use the tablets for setting the stations and volume remotely.  It does connect up to 33' away as promised and it seems to do so even a bit further when I am outside with my iPad where the Tower is. My daughter, who lives in our home and uses this unit more than we do, uses her iPhone to connect, no prob.

I can recommend this as a basic, low cost, OK sounding remote sound system for my Tablets.   

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