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Intrepid 2pc Table Tennis Table

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The Sportscraft Intrepid 2 piece Ping Pong Table is OK

Feb 16, 2012 (Updated Feb 18, 2012)
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Pros:Sturdy, robust, fairly smooth surface, tournament sized, foldable, roller casts.

Cons:Mismatching pieces and holes, heavy, can easily damage corners, made inChina.

The Bottom Line: The Sportscraft Intrepepid table tennis table is robust, of an OK quality and foldable. However, it should have been easier to put together and be careful with the corners.

Ping Pong or Table Tennis is a big sport around the world. It is played in Europe, China and elsewhere, as well as in the US. I played it as a kid and my kids like it too. A couple of years ago we decided to get a ping pong table after several years without having one. We bought this sportscraft intrepid 2 piece table tennis table. I should say that we gave it to charity a few days ago because the kids had almost stopped playing with it, it took up room, and they needed it at a shelter.

The ping pong table is tournament sized (9' x 5' x 30") with a 0.6" thick table top. It weighs 136.4 pounds and comes with a net. It has steel legs, an apron, and it is foldable. It is intended for indoor use. It is not a cheap ping pong table but it is not the high quality kind either. Unless you are a serious table tennis player you do not need an expensive ping pong table.

Setting up the table was harder than it should be. I have set up ping pong tables before and in general that is easy. The instructions had more steps than typical and at one point the instructions were unclear. The worst part was that some pieces were very hard to fit because the holes seemed to be slightly off. The table is also heavy and you need to turn it over without damaging the corners, which are somewhat soft (made from particle board). I suggest two people for this step.

The net seemed to be of pretty high quality and it stayed straight up without any sag throughout the entire we time we had the table. The table sat on the floor robustly without any hint of wobbliness. At times we put heavy things on top of the table without it effecting its robustness or looks. Despite a lot of playing and occasional hitting on the table top it did not have any scratches or blemishes. So over all I think I can say that the table structure was sturdy and robust and the surface was resistant to average abuse.

The fact that it is foldable and have rollers makes it easier to transport and pack up which I also appreciated, but it is heavy. The finish on the table was pretty smooth and even and the bounce fairly good but it did not seem to be as good as that of good Stiga ping pong table. The ping pong table is made in China.

Overall it is a decent budget ping pong table. However, due to slightly mismatching pieces and a little bit cheap quality I rate it average.

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