It Could Happen to You (VHS, 1997, Closed Captioned; Romance Collection)

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It Could Happen To You... Most People Would've Done The Same.

Sep 25, 2000 (Updated Sep 5, 2002)
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Pros:Sweet, sensitive, cute, and despite the extreme circumstances, you can still relate.

Cons:Better have some spare windows handy!

The Bottom Line: How do I love this movie? Let me count the dollars...

Wouldn't you have done the same? Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda, together, are the embodiment of what millions of us COULD be, if only we HAD something to give, right? Unfortunately, Fate is not so kind to those who have good intentions. But nevertheless, this story is an inspiring and very uplifting tale of ..well you know what it's about I would think!

But just incase you don't...

Nicolas Cage plays Charlie, a married cop, just barely scraping by. Bridget Fonda plays Yvonne, a divorced waitress, also barely scraping by. Charlie happens to be eating at the cafe where Yvonne works one day. When it comes to pay for his lunch, Charlie doesn't have enough to leave a tip along with it, so he offers her one of two choices: He will return the next day and she can choose either to take double the tip or half of whatever he wins on his lottery ticket. I guess you know what happens after that.

What really draws me into this movie is that Cage and Fonda don't have to don leather and skimpy outfits to look attractive. They are just everyday people like you and me, and this makes it a lot easier to put yourself into their shoes and decide for yourself just what you would do. The relationship that blossoms between the two is incredibly charming.

It Could Happen To You is the story of a man who gives without any thought of a reward (which is not as easy as it sounds), and a woman who had given up on the existence of such a person. When they meet, her faith is revived, and he finds a sense of fulfillment once again. By the middle of the movie, they need each other so much and it's just so heartwarming watching the way their relationship grows, from simple hugs to a deep conversation by the riverside, to running into each other at a ball game and showing reluctance to let go, to finally stumbling through a conversation at the Plaza before... well, you know.

The script in this movie is completely out of this world. Just listening to some of the conversations between Charlie and Yvonne is one of the more fun parts of watching the movie. Their conversation by the river at night is not one to be missed, nor likely to be forgotten. Their down-to-Earth execution knocks this one out of the park.

Super direction this movie takes. I could watch it forever and never tire of it (gosh, I sound so kiddy). Like I said in the Face/Off review, Nicolas Cage could play any role and be excellent at it. This movie is no exception. Rosie Perez' role as his wife Muriel may be the most annoying character ever to grace the cinema screen ("You got da numbas wooooong!"), but you've got to admit, she does a dog gone good job of it. Bridget Fonda is so adorable as Yvonne, you just can't help but love her.

The movie may just renew your faith in the overall integrity of the human heart. Most people, having made the kind of promise that Charlie makes to Yvonne, would not hold back on their word, and I think many of us know in our hearts that we would have done the same.

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