jWIN ILUV IMM153BLK Desktop Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Docking Station (IMM153BLK01) for your iPod - Black

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Dec 20, 2009 (Updated Dec 20, 2009)
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Pros:Screen dims entirely, Ipod Doc, small footprint, price.

Cons:Difficult controls, poorly engineered physical user interface, mediocre sound.

The Bottom Line: A fair small alarm clock with extremely annoying foibles.

This alarm clock provides both an IPod speaker system and an alarm system for a small room
The top dock also powers the IPod, as do most speakers systems.
As an alarm it offers a small footprint, practical for many small night stands.
The sound quality is adequate for news and sports programs, but far from great. It suffices for a small room.
Lacking the remote offered by a more expensive version, it is set by paired top navigation buttons. These, unfortunately, are less than intuitive and serve several functions, which means that you will have to acquire some practice before rolling over in bed and slapping the pause button for another five minutes. Unfortunately the documentation is not all that good, so you will have to experiment a bit.
I have hit the wrong button sequence to turn on the radio in the middle of the n ight, turning on the alarm instead. Dual alarms provide both means for two sleepers to wake at separate times, and for one sleeper to set two unintended alarms.
The screen brightness can be increased or turned off entirely. This control bar also turns on the snooze mode, which I have not yet been able to activate.
While the clock function on the screen is clear, other information is presented with tiny icons, which are at times are difficult to decifer. ILuv seems to assume that all users have excellent vision. I, in fact, do, but I find it hard to figure out what is where. Waking up without glasses and looking at the screen is bound to be a challenge.
The left navigation ring controls tuning as well as volume. Hitting it wrong can propel you from NPR to country and western at 2:00 am. A separate dial would be a great improvement.
I would probably buy this again simply because I did not find another alarm at a price under about $100 with Ipod doc, small footprint, and a screen which can be entirely darkened. (I had a washcloth with a previous model, which I put over the screen at night.)  It is certainly nothing a music buff would consider.

The "Bed Shaker" is intended as a softer alarm. It is in fact annoying, al are all alarms. Fortunately the alarm bell is pretty mellow, so my bed shaker became landfill in short order. Possibly under a pillow it could provide a solution for a sleeping couple with different schedules.

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