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Jawbone Icon the thinker Silver Ear-Hook Headsets

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Great technology, poor implementation

Dec 6, 2008
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Pros:Of 3 brands I've tried, Jawbone is the best at removing background noise

Cons:Poor charger connection. Can't switch ears without switching ear loops.

The Bottom Line: If you must remove background noise, the Jawbone works. Just learn how to overcome the other weaknesses or wait for more mature packaging to hit the market.

While driving, listeners used to comment that I sounded like I was in a washing machine. That all ended when I got the Jawbone. The noise cancelling technology is EXCELLENT!!! I've tried bluetooth headsets from Motorola, Plantronics, and Aliph. The Jawbone is absolutely the best at cancelling out background noise. But the charger connection is non-standard, inconsistent, and not long lasting. There are four exposed contacts at the top of the Jawbone headset. The charger sleeve (which snaps onto the top of the Jawbone) has four gold pins designed to mate with the Jawbone's contacts. But if the sleeve is not straight and parallel when sliding over the Jawbone, the pins get bent and stop making contact. And needle-nosed pliers are needed to straighten the bent pins. I've had my Jawbone for about a year now, and the red LED stopped working while charging. So I can't tell when it's fully charged. I leave it charging overnight, and my Jawbone still handles about 1.5 to 2 hours of talk before recharging is needed.

The noise cancellation needs the dangling end of the Jawbone to rest on my jaw, so there are several ear loops supplied to adjust the fit. The problem is that once you get the fit, you can't change ears because there is a set for the left ear, and a different set for the right ear. There are several ear pieces supplied to select the right fit into the ear. I found one that works comfortably.

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