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Jennifer's Body (DVD, 2009)

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Jennifer's Body - Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried Make Out

Oct 21, 2010
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Pros:Interesting idea for a movie.

Cons:Megan Fox.  Bad dialogue.

The Bottom Line: Jennifer's Body has an interesting idea that isn't handled properly.  I have seen worse movies, but it isn't that great.

Megan Fox became famous after her appearance in Transformers.  Since then, she has been a bit of a sex object while failing to impress with her acting.  Jennifer's Body was intended to show that she can pull in an audience herself, but the movie did horribly at the box office.  I wasn't interested in the movie when it came out.  I only watched it because I found it on one of the HBO channels I get.

High school students Jennifer and Anita - Needy - have been best friends since they were young even though the two of them are very different.  Needy is a bit geeky while Jennifer is a very popular, seductive cheerleader.  Jennifer wants to go to a local bar to see an independent band and she talks Needy into going with her.  After a fire breaks out, Jennifer ends up going off with the band despite Needy's protest.  After that, something is very different with Jennifer and some of the local teenage boys are dying horrible deaths.  Needy suspects Jennifer is involved and sets out to stop her.

The screenplay for Jennifer's Body was written by Diablo Cody, the woman who wrote the screenplay for Juno.  A couple of things that happen, like a woman being the crazed killer, are a bit different.  Other things that happen aren't as original and ultimately much of what happens is more predictable.  There are one or two surprises, but they are very small.  From what I remember, the previews gave away much of what happens.  I do think the general idea of the plot is interesting.  Things just weren't handled as well as they could have been.  Cody clearly tried to try to make the dialogue clever and witty, but it doesn't ring true or sound like things teenagers would say in many cases.  Sometimes, trying to be that clever and witty works, like in Clueless.  Other times it doesn't.  Too much of the time, the dialogue just sounds stupid to me.

Some of the things I have read about Jennifer's Body talk about how the movie is intended to be more feminist.  It is different for a female to be the killer in a horror movie, though I don't really think that makes the movie feminist.  Both main characters are female and they are each strong in their own way.  Even considering that, the movie still doesn't seem to be that feminist to me.  The female characters, while strong, aren't exactly likable and they both have issues.  Needy and Jennifer's friendship is very important to what is going on.  The two are so different it is a little hard to believe that they stayed friends so long.  Jennifer clearly calls the shots, basically pushing Needy into doing things, like going to the concert.  The friendship definitely has issues, with both of them doing things that a friend wouldn't do at times.

Jennifer's Body deals with a young woman becoming possessed and needing to kill to survive.  The plot definitely works for a horror movie, though I think it could have been handled a bit better.  There really aren't any scares and there isn't any build up of tension.  Part of that may have been because the trailers shared too much.  The fact that the plot really isn't that complicated is probably part of the reason as well.  The basic plot is interesting and I think there was potential for the movie to be better.  I have seen better movies, but this one isn't completely horrible.

There is a lot of sexuality in Jennifer's Body.  In most scenes, Jennifer exudes sex appeal, wearing skimpy or tight outfits.  She does show off a bit of skin in a few scenes.  It is clear that she is naked in one or two scenes, though she's never actually seen naked.  The possibility of Jennifer getting naked did seem to be played up in trailers.  From fairly early in the movie, it is clear that Jennifer has a lot of experience with sex and she makes a lot of sexual remarks.  Needy is dating Chip and there are a few sexual situations between them, including when they have sex.  Not much is shown, but it is very clear what they are doing.  Jennifer's attacks are somewhat sexual, at least at first.  There is also one scene in which Needy and Jennifer make out.  I didn't think the scene added anything, though I suppose some people may like it.

Jennifer and Needy receive the most attention in Jennifer's Body.  That makes sense with how important their friendship is built up to be.  Jennifer is a popular cheerleader who is use to getting her way.  She is a bit stuck up and not the most likable, though the character does get more interesting.  Megan Fox isn't anything special in the part and clearly was hired for her sex appeal.  Needy is a bit of a geek who is use to being in Jennifer's shadow.  The nickname Needy does fit her.  Amanda Seyfried is fine in the part.  

Several other characters turn up in Jennifer's Body without them really having that much to do.  Chip is the boy that Needy has been dating.  He is nice enough, though he isn't as supportive of Needy as he could have been.  Johnny Simmons is fine in the part.  J.K. Simmons is in a few scenes as a teacher at the school.  The members of the band are in a few scenes and shown just enough to establish that they aren't that nice.  Most of the characters are flat and one dimensional.

Main Cast

Megan Fox - Jennifer
Amanda Seyfried - Needy
Johnny Simmons - Chip

Karyn Kusama - Director

I watched Jennifer's Body when I found it on one of the HBO channels I get.  I watched it more out of curiosity than anything else.  The movie is available on DVD and Blu-ray.  I have no clue what sort of extras for the movie there are.  

Jennifer's Body is clearly meant to capitalize on the sex appeal of Megan Fox.  The plot is somewhat interesting, but the movie isn't as good as it could have been.  Fox's horrible acting doesn't do anything to help.  Most people should probably avoid this one.

This review is part of talyseon's Let There Be Lips! Rocky Horror Write Off.

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THEATRICAL RELEASE DATE TO BE DETERMINEDWith a script from JUNO scribe Diablo Cody, JENNIFER'S BODY smashes together horror and high-school comedy. Me...
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